A how-to manual

For betraying seniors and people with disabilities!

Lesson Number One: Don’t even think about telling the truth. Fact is, the chained-CPI cut you want to push past the American public is a benefit cut, and a pretty big one at that, about $112 billion right out of the pockets of Social Security beneficiaries over the next ten years. It’s hardest on persons most dependent on Social Security’s modest benefits, averaging just $13,600 . It would lower the COLA gradually but inexorably, year after year — a cumulative loss over 30 years of $28,000 for a 65 year old retiree who lives to 95 and receives an average Social Security benefit, or a 30 year old disabled war veteran who reaches age 60. That’s a lot of money and we strongly urge cautious politicians to steer clear of these facts. Certainly, don’t tell them that your vote implies that their current benefits are higher than you think they should be getting. And don’t acknowledge what a cruel cut it is – hurting the most the oldest of the old, those disabled at the youngest ages, and the poorest of the poor.

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