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The other side of summer

Elvis Costello:

All summer long

Beach Boys:

Feeling safer yet?

I know I am!

See you in September

The Happenings:

Just a little

Beau Brummels:


On Virtually Speaking Susie, my guest will be David Dayen, who will be talking about the NY AG being pressured by the White House, and Jay Ackroyd. Tune in! Call 626-200-3440 with questions or comments.


I know people will think I’m crazy, but I feel like the quake gave me whiplash. My neck really hurts!

Washington monument

The quake loosened some of the stones.


Go read Marcy, right now.

At Front and Lombard, a woman with a British accent approached me and said “Did you feel the earth shake?” or “Did you feel an earthquake?” There was passion in her voice. I wondered if she’d mistaken me for someone else, or if it was love at first sight…

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