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I don’t know whether to believe this story. But then, I don’t know whether to believe the official U.S. version, either. We’ve seen so many fabricated stories come out of our Mideast excursions (Jessica Lynch, anyone?), that I simply don’t know. But I do think it’s important to at least note the continuing insistence both by villagers and the Afghan parliament’s investigation team that there were more than a dozen troops involved in the Kandahar massacre.

The incongruous stories surrounding the March 11 massacre on Afghan civilians in two villages took another turn today, with reports from witnesses in Mokhoyan, one of the two villages targeted, that they were threatened by U.S. troops just days before the massacre.The witnesses say that troops rounded up all the men from the villages after a roadside bombing, lined them up against a wall, and told them they would “pay a price” for the attack.The witnesses put the date of the bombing at either March 7 or 8.

Previous stories had massacre suspect Robert Bales supposedly “upset” about a bombing in which one of his friends lost a leg.The military would neither confirm nor deny any bombings in the area, only insisting that they would investigate anything that might be related to the shootings. They likewise gave no comments about the threats in Mokhoyan.

If confirmed, the threats would also appear to support the Afghan probe’s version of the massacre, which had an organized group of over a dozen U.S. troops carrying out the massacre, as opposed to a lone man, as the U.S. maintains.

If the banksters don’t want her

It’s good enough for me.

I’ve been following the community radio fight for a long time, and this really is good news. Expect to hear more diversity on the airwaves as various organizations take advantage of this opportunity:

A Federal Communications Commission (FCC) decision issued Monday (PDF) will clear the runway for hundreds of new community radio stations that broadcast on low-power FM signals, bringing progressive, community voices to urban areas that have for decades only known what’s being broadcast by major corporations and America’s political right.

In other words, the dismantling of Rush Limbaugh was just the beginning, and the whole FM dial is next.

The FCC’s decision on Monday wipes away a massive backlog of applications for FM repeater stations, which are transmitters that repeat signals broadcast by corporate and religious radio operators — many of which rake in big listening audiences for right-wing syndicated talk shows.
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Misdirected outrage

Bill Maher can be a bore when he brags about being an atheist, and when he beats the war drum for Israel. But sometimes he has a good point to make. More here.

Baby You’re a Rich Man

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Oh rats

The flying man is a hoax.

Today is World Water Day!


Today is World Water Day!  Here is a good video regarding bottled water, the history of our current use and some of the outcomes that have resulted from the industry.

The video suggests checking into the quality of your area’s tap water to see if bottled water is necessary for drinking. And buy reusable water bottles.


We hate you, but send money

From Rolling Stone:

Sea levels have been rising in Louisiana and they’re threatening to wash out a highway that’s a supply route for – wait for it – oil and gas…

Officials in a state with an aggressive tax-cutting governor – Bobby Jindal can boast of having pushed through the largest tax cuts in the state’s history – one who consistently inveighs against government spending, are “demanding” the Feds send money. More here.

Couldn’t Stand the Weather

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