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I can’t make you love me

I love it when an artist does an unpredictable cover, and here’s Bon Iver doing Bonnie Raitt:

Let him fly

Dixie Chicks cover Patty Griffin:

Fearless heart

I do love this song. Steve Earle:

Yo, Dad, I think it’s a hit

Do you hope to make her see you, fool?
Do you hope to pluck this dusky jewel?

The Doors didn’t even want to do “Hello, I Love You,” it was an early song of theirs and they were tired of it. More here.

Uh huh

Yes, this is the same UC system that’s raising tuition, cutting grants and trying to slash benefits for hourly workers. From a year ago:

Three dozen of the University of California’s highest-paid executives are threatening to sue unless UC agrees to spend tens of millions of dollars to dramatically increase retirement benefits for employees earning more than $245,000.

“We believe it is the University’s legal, moral and ethical obligation” to increase the benefits, the executives wrote the Board of Regents in a Dec. 9 letter and position paper obtained by The Chronicle.

I wonder if they got it? Any CA readers who followed this?

Dancing Santa

Yesterday, when I was driving along Girard Avenue past the eternal construction work, one of the workers (a jolly old elf with white hair and beard, and wearing a Santa hat) was standing there on the trolley island. I just had to wave! That reminded me of this:

Tonight at UC Berkeley



WHERE: Pauley Ballroom, UC Berkeley (Telegraph & Bancroft)
* Free & Open to the Public

Berkeley, California, December 1, 2011 – In the midst of, and as part of the growing political awakening on college campuses and in cities nationwide, two of the country’s most outspoken and politically engaged Black intellectuals – Cornel West and Carl Dix – will speak at UC Berkeley on Friday. Coming in the recent aftermath of shocking police violence against peaceful student protests at both UC-Davis and UC-Berkeley, this event is shaping up to be a dynamic and powerful one, built for and sponsored by numerous student groups and academic departments, and to be recorded by C-SPAN. While the repression directed towards youth seeking a more just society has been strong, the movement of students on UC-Berkeley and other campuses has grown more determined and continues to inspire many more here and around the world.

The event – titled “In the Age of Obama… Police Terror, Incarceration, No Jobs, Mis-education: WHAT FUTURE FOR OUR YOUTH?” will address issues at the heart of the campus and Occupy protests, the racism and inequalities facing society’s most oppressed, as well as broader issues of moral responsibility, the roots of injustice, and the prospects and pathways for fundamental social change.

Did anyone else see the lame TV movie called Too Big To Fail, which pretended to explain how and why the government gave the banksters more than $700 billion? It turns out the bansksters actually were given 7.7 trillion by 2009. In case you’re wondering why we’re really, really broke. More here.

Good news

This is really good news – it will generate paychecks and save a lot of energy. (See? I give props to Obama where indicated!) Bill Clinton talked about this at length at the blogger meeting I attended, I was surprised at the potential savings in retrofitting:

WASHINGTON, DC – President Obama today announced nearly $4 billion in combined federal and private sector energy upgrades to buildings over the next 2 years. These investments will save billions in energy costs, promote energy independence, and, according to independent estimates, create tens of thousands of jobs in the hard-hit construction sector. The $4 billion investment announced today includes a $2 billion commitment, made through the issuance of a Presidential Memorandum, to energy upgrades of federal buildings using long term energy savings to pay for up-front costs, at no cost to taxpayers. In addition, 60 CEOs, mayors, university presidents, and labor leaders today committed to invest nearly $2 billion of private capital into energy efficiency projects; and to upgrade energy performance by a minimum of 20% by 2020 in 1.6 billion square feet of office, industrial, municipal, hospital, university, community college and school buildings. This announcement builds on a commitment made by 14 partners at the Clinton Global Initiative America meeting in June to make energy upgrades across 300 million square feet, and to invest $500 million in private sector financing in energy efficiency projects.

Big news

Massachusetts AG Martha Coakley is suing the big banks for mortgage fraud. Be still, my heart!

So you can see a noose tightening around the necks of the banks, who would like nothing better than to strike a deal where AGs release them from liability in return for a nominal fee. Not all the AGs are willing to take that step, as detailed above. And now, Coakley, who has been very good on this issue, is out with perhaps the most wide-ranging lawsuit against the big banks over foreclosure fraud. Recall that some favorable court rulings in Massachusetts, including the Ibanez case, have ruled that banks don’t have standing to foreclose in cases where they improperly assigned mortgages. That is part of the case law in Massachusetts, making it a fertile environment in which to pursue this case.

According to the Boston Globe MERS is also named in the lawsuit:

The suit, filed in Suffolk Superior Court, also names the private company Mortgage Electronic Registration System Inc. and its parent, MERSCORP Inc., as defendants, according to the attorney general’s office.

“The AG’s lawsuit seeks accountability for the banks’ unlawful and deceptive conduct in the foreclosure process, including unlawful foreclosures, false documentation and robo-signing, MERS, and deceptive practices related to loan modifications,’’ the news release from Coakley’s office said.

Coakley’s name has become something of a punching bag in liberal circles because of her losing campaign against Scott Brown for US Senate. If she succeeds in prosecuting banks for foreclosure fraud, that loss could be the best thing ever to happen to the people of Massachusetts. And it should lead to a re-examination of her record.

UPDATE: GMAC is going to take its ball and go home:

NEW YORK—GMAC Mortgage, the mortgage lender of Ally Financial Inc., is exiting the vast majority of its lending in Massachusetts a day after the state sued it over its foreclosure practices.

The nation’s fifth-largest mortgage originator said it “has taken this action because recent developments have led mortgage lending in Massachusetts to no longer be viable,” ratcheting up the high-stakes mortgage fight there.

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