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Run the world (girls)


I wish it would rain

This morning’s “rain” lasted about five minutes. Grrr! The Tempts:

That which must not be named

Cliff Lee is doing that thing against the Red Sox right now. You know the one I mean. Just don’t say it.

Go sign

Bernie Sander’s letter to Obama.


David Dayen explains the likely deficit deal, and why it’s so bad for Democrats.

Out of work?

Yahoo News wants to hear your story.

Holy crap

You see why I hate nature? I actually camped in Bulls Island state park many years ago — before I got the Lyme disease, which of course lessened my enjoyment of the outdoors.

How to talk to little girls

Loved. This. (Hat tip to Karl M., who’s raising his own baby woman.)


My guest on Virtually Speaking Susie tonight is Philadelphia Magazine investigative journalist Steve Volk, who will be talking about his new book “Fringeology.” This will be a fascinating show and I’m really looking forward to it. Here’s what I wrote about Steve’s book on Amazon:

It’s not just that Steve Volk brings a thoughtful and intelligent eye to the puzzle of the paranormal, a topic too often subject to knee-jerk ridicule. It’s that the book evolves into a wonderful and fascinating look at the way humans perceive and integrate information through their own filters, with useful implications for our everyday interactions — and our national political conversation. This tangent was completely unexpected, but thoroughly enjoyed.

You can listen here and, as always, can dial 646-200-3440 with questions or comments.



Two new studies found that diet drinks and artificial sweeteners increase people’s waistlines and increase their risk of diabetes.

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