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Mortgage companies take their balls and go home. Wait, that doesn’t sound right…


UPDATE: Human error.

No one knows why yet why it happened, but it’s really big:

(CNN) — Authorities were investigating a power blackout in parts of southern California, Arizona and Mexico on Thursday that left more than 1 million customers without power and caused widespread traffic jams.
San Diego Gas & Electric said all of its 1.4 million customers were without power. The problem appeared to have originated in Arizona, the utility said.

“This caused our line from AZ and from the north of our region to both trip off,” the utility posted on its Twitter account.

“Think of the system as linked by springs, when one part goes out the rest are affected,” another Twitter post from the utility said.

Power outages in California stretched from San Clemente to the state’s border with Mexico on Thursday, a San Diego County spokesman said. In Arizona, about 56,000 customers in Yuma lost power, Arizona Power and Supply said.

Parts of Mexico’s Baja California and Sonora states were also without power, Mexican authorities said.

Talkin’ bout a revolution

Tracy Chapman:

Three Begs in Three Days

After I received a beg for loser David Weprin yesterday, I received two more in less than 24 hours: guess it’s true that the DCCC is panicking that they are going to lose Anthony Weiner’s seat. Oh well…

And you know, everytime I get an email from the DCCC, I remember how badly they fucked Alan Grayson, another loudmouth who liked to embarrass Republicans: they hung that dude out to dry. And you know, I get mad. I get mad that Kirsten Gillibrand is begging me for money for a loser candidate. I get mad that the DCCC turned their back on a wonderfully charismatic Democrat who took the fight to the Republicans, and made fun of them on a daily basis.

Well, Grayson’s running again, and his campaign called tonight. And you know what? I’m unemployed, and have no money to spare, but I ponied up $5.25 for Alan Grayson.

I don’t have a single dime for the DCCC though. Not one thin dime.

This is one of my favorite Merle Haggard songs of all time:

I have always thought that a female country singer would have a huge hit with this if the words were changed to “A Workin’ Gal Can’t Get Nowhere Today”, coupled with a video showing waitresses, convenience store clerks, retail workers at Wal-Mart… and I’ll bet Merle, who was a big Hillary Clinton supporter, would be glad to license his song to some union or another.

(by the way, that’s Terry Clark on the fiddle, the one with the giant pompadour. he’s a GREAT fiddle player, a true legend).

Hot air

Another perspective on Hoffa’s recent rant.

Oh look

The WTO pushing an immoral agenda against citizens! Who’da thunk it?

U.S. measures to reduce teenage smoking violate World Trade Organization (WTO) rules, according to a panel ruling released late last week. Indonesia successfully argued that the U.S. Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act (FSPTCA) of 2009 violated WTO rules. The ruling opens the door to more teenage tobacco addiction, while further imperiling the legitimacy of a WTO that rules against environmental, health and other national policies 90 percent of the time.

Florida foreclosures

You just can’t buy a foreclosed house anywhere until you can document who actually holds the title, thanks to bankers who do things like this:

In a decision that could have staggering implications on foreclosure proceedings statewide, an appeals court ruled Wednesday in favor of the owners of a Wellington home whose bank filed documents sworn to by employees with no personal knowledge of the case.

The ruling from the 4th District Court of Appeal reversed in part a 2010 Palm Beach County Circuit Court summary judgment that said homeowners Gary and Anita Glarum owed LaSalle Bank $422,677.

That amount was based on an affidavit of indebtedness signed by loan servicer employee Ralph Orsini, who pulled the information from a company computer ­– a move that appeals court judges said amounts to hearsay.

“Orsini did not know who, how, or when the data entries were made into Home Loan Services’ computer system,” the decision states. “Orsini could state that the data was accurate only insofar as it replicated the numbers derived from the company’s computer system.”

The ruling means the home on Amesbury Court, which has been in foreclosure since September 2008, can’t go to a foreclosure sale until the bank either gets another summary judgment or goes to trial. The Glarums still live in the home.

Tom Ice, whose firm Ice Legal represents the homeowner, said Wednesday’s decision hits at the essence of the nation’s foreclosure robo-signing scandal in which tens of thousands of foreclosure court documents were signed by people swearing that they had personal knowledge of cases when they did not.

While some lenders called the document problem a technicality, foreclosure defense attorneys called it perjury and fraud.


“Unexpectedly”? Unexpected by whom? The kind of careerist douchebags who so frequently work for publications like Slate?

Is it fascism yet?

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