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Gay marriage

Obama announces support for the legislation for the first time. It won’t pass, but it’s a start.

Be afraid

Be very afraid:

“We have a Democratic president and administration that is prepared to sign a tough package that includes both spending cuts (and) modifications to Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare that would strengthen those systems and allow them to move forward, and would include a revenue component,” Obama added.

“We now have a bipartisan group of senators who agree with that balanced approach. And we’ve got the American people who agree with that balanced approach


Bipartisan deal

I think Obama just wet himself, he’s so excited. Even when you know it’s coming, it’s still maddening when it does:

President Obama on Tuesday hailed an ambitious new deficit-reduction plan that is gaining momentum in the Senate, saying it could provide the vehicle to break an impasse over raising the federal borrowing limit while cutting the nation’s debt.

Appearing at the regular White House news briefing, Obama said the bipartisan proposal is “broadly consistent” with the approach he has advocated in that it reduces discretionary spending and tackles health-care spending and entitlements while also raising additional revenue.

But in the event that an agreement capable of passing Congress is not reached before a looming deadline to raise the federal debt ceiling, Obama said, lawmakers should finishing hammering out a backup plan now being negotiated by the Senate’s Democratic and Republican leaders.

Testing, 1-2-4, I mean 3

I’ll be doing some guest posting for Susie in the week ahead, so I figured I’d just do a quick test post to make sure I have the formatting right. But first, a blockquote:

Tom Corbett is a soulless piece of human garbage

Woops, did I say THAT? Here’s a link.

The following has been a test of the Brendan Broadcast System. See you next week!


Is this what they mean by winning the future? You indict researchers — and not bankers?

Former Demand Progress Executive Director Aaron Swartz was just indicted by the US government. As best as we can tell, he is being charged with allegedly downloading too many journal articles from the Web. The government contends that downloading so many journal articles constitutes felony computer hacking and should be punished with time in prison. We disagree.

The charges are made all the more senseless by the fact that the alleged victim has settled any claims against Aaron, explained they’ve suffered no loss or damage, and asked the government not to prosecute.

James Jacobs, the Government Documents Librarian at Stanford University — where Aaron did undergraduate work — denounced the arrest: “Aaron’s prosecution undermines academic inquiry and democratic principles,” Jacobs said. “It’s incredible that the government would try to lock someone up for allegedly looking up articles at a library.

Aaron Swartz is the founder of Demand Progress. He previously co-founded the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, watchdog.net, Open Library, Jottit, and Reddit.com. He is co-author of the RSS 1.0 specification and helped launch Creative Commons.

UPDATE: He did break into a computer wiring closet at MIT, but they did decline to prosecute.


Yves Smith thinks if Warren runs for the Senate, it’s because they want to neutralize her.

Real world

I dropped my car off this morning to be inspected, and of course got into an argument with my mechanic over Fox News. He says it’s there to “balance all those other liberal channels.”

I told him he needed to stop getting all his information from the teevee. He told me what a great president Ronald Reagan was; I said, “Why?” He just looked at me.

“No, really. Tell me what was so great about him.”

“He balanced the budget.”

“No he didn’t, he ran it up. Why else? Got any other reasons?”

“He cut spending.”

“He didn’t do that, either. He ran up the deficit to record levels. You claim to want help for working people? Ronald Reagan was the guy who started taxing unemployment checks — to pay for a tax cut for the rich.”

“That can’t be right!”

“Look it up.”

So then he starts telling me how much he likes O’Reilly. “That guy really says what he thinks.”

“So do I, and I’m a lot smarter than him. Why aren’t you listening to me?”


They suspended the Murdoch hearing because of an intruder (said to be a member of UK Uncut) who pied Rupert. Rupert’s wife took the guy down!


Tuesday, July 19 | 9 pm eastern | 6 pm pacific |Virtually Speaking Susie | Cynthia LiuJeff Bryant andSusie Madrak discuss education policy and what parents need to know about the for-profit charter schools movement. Listen live and later on BTR.

This should be good, so I hope you can tune in. Call with questions or comments to 646-200-3440.


You can watch his testimony before Parliament here, right now:

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