The war on teachers continues

And now, the war on teacher pay begins in Philadelphia:

It’s going to be a long summer.

The Philadelphia School District wants its teachers to lengthen their workdays, give back up to 13 perent of their salaries, and forego pay raises at least until 2017. It wants to reduce the money paid out to departing employees, weaken seniority and give principals full authority over hiring and firing teachers.

Philadelphia Federation of Teachers officials on Tuesday confirmed some details of the district’s initial contract proposal, which the Inquirer has obtained. School officials have been saying for months that they need up to $180 million in labor givebacks annually to avert a five-year deficit of more than $1 billion.

The teachers’ contract expires in August.
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Heads up

We’ll be doing some work on the site today, don’t freak out if you see changes. Thanks!


Prominent Republicans coming out in support of gay marriage and immigration reform? It just goes to show: Prominent Republicans don’t really care about these social issues. Never did. These issues were useful “rube bait” for a long time, but now that Republicans can’t win an election, they’re looking for a bigger tent full of all new rubes. All they’re trying to change is their image. Let me know when they come out in favor of a progressive tax system that doesn’t favor the wealthy, funding for quality education for all and a sane environmental policy. Then I will know something’s actually changed.

I loved a cowboy

I have the hardest time letting go of relationships — until I finally, really decide, and then it’s done. This song was the little anthem I’d use to push myself out of the latest mess. Lynn Miles:


The IRS just called to tell me they’re leaving me alone, unless I win the lottery.

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