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Taking a change on love

Anita O’Day:

You and Me

Alice Cooper with maybe a less obvious Labor Day song.

Just like this train

Joni Mitchell:

The video above is the studio version of “Coyote,” with Jaco Pastorius on bass. Go here for a video and description of the great live version of the song in Martin Scorsese’s The Last Waltz.

For you Blue

All my loving

The boys:

‘Dr. King is weeping from his grave’

Chauncy DeVega at We Are Respectable Negroes:

I am surprised that more folks are not talking about the following editorial “Dr King Weeps from his Grave” in Thursday’s NY Times.

And Brother Cornel wonders why President Obama hasn’t invited him to the White House? Being a trouble making truth teller comes with little love and dap from the HNIC.

I remain uncomfortable about the Invisible Manesque battle royal aspects of the Cornel West vs Obama fight. But, we live in the age of the Black super public; what is a time when private black talk in the black counter-public has apparently attained full obsolescence.

In one of our salons from this week we had a great talk about the way the Tea Party GOP racializes President Obama through the use of symbolic racism. There I asked, how do we situate Barack Obama as the first black Chief Executive relative to the Civil Rights Movement?

West is trying to offer an answer. What is yours?

Have you seen her?


Deep thought

I find it ironic that Mickey Dee’s is sponsoring the broadcast of our local Labor Day parade.

Muleskinner blues

The Figs:

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