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So what would it take to compel reporters from, say, The New York Times to travel a few blocks to cover the latest phase of the class war that’s been going on in America for thirty years?


Lone Justice:

Big scary Liz Warren

What with the common sense and integrity, and all. No wonder Rush Limbaugh and all the other wingnuts hate her!

Gray’s Anatomy

Yes, I was surprised to see a woman have an abortion on prime-time teevee last night. Good for them!

Imagine that: Grown women making their own decisions. What will they think of next?

Don’t toss us away

Maria McKee:

Happy birthday, Bruce

He’s 62 today. Yeah, I’d do him:

$1000 car

Bottle Rockets:

Class warfare

You should read all this for the next time you’re stuck somewhere, listening to a wingnut spout off about “the lower 51% who don’t pay any taxes.” Krugman:

The budget office’s numbers show that the federal tax burden has fallen for all income classes, which itself runs counter to the rhetoric you hear from the usual suspects. But that burden has fallen much more, as a percentage of income, for the wealthy. Partly this reflects big cuts in top income tax rates, but, beyond that, there has been a major shift of taxation away from wealth and toward work: tax rates on corporate profits, capital gains and dividends have all fallen, while the payroll tax — the main tax paid by most workers — has gone up.

And one consequence of the shift of taxation away from wealth and toward work is the creation of many situations in which — just as Warren Buffett and Mr. Obama say — people with multimillion-dollar incomes, who typically derive much of that income from capital gains and other sources that face low taxes, end up paying a lower overall tax rate than middle-class workers. And we’re not talking about a few exceptional cases.
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Oh look

Canadians are racist, too:

LONDON, Ontario – Often as the only black player on his team, growing up in Scarborough, Ontario, Flyers forward Wayne Simmonds dealt with his fair share of racial slurs on the ice as he climbed the hockey ladder.

Few experiences could have prepared him for what happened on Thursday night, as a fan in the John Labatt Centre threw a banana peel at Simmonds as he skated in alone on a shootout attempt during a 4-3 loss to the Detroit Red Wings.

“I caught it from the side of my eye,” Simmonds said. “It was a banana. Hopefully, that wasn’t directed towards me being black.

“Because if it was, that’s just somebody being ignorant.”
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