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Still I long for your kiss


Not about love

Fiona Apple:


All three branches

Of government are broken. Please go read all of it.

Virtually speaking

Tonight, 9pm EST. Stuart Zechman and Jay Rosen talking about how the press are co-conspirators with the Third Way types.

Click here to listen.

Life in the bubble

I hate these people.

Fracking: Worse than burning coal

Of course, the energy industry hacks will be out in force to refute this, and we’ll all just pretend it never happened:

Cornell University professors will soon publish research that concludes natural gas produced with a drilling method called “hydraulic fracturing” contributes to global warming as much as coal, or even more.

The conclusion is explosive because natural gas enjoys broad political support – including White House backing – due to its domestic abundance and lower carbon dioxide emissions when burned than other fossil fuels.

Cornell Prof. Robert Howarth, however, argues that development of gas from shale rock formations produced through hydraulic fracturing – dubbed “fracking” – brings far more methane emissions than conventional gas production.

Enough, he argues, to negate the carbon advantage that gas has over coal and oil when they’re burned for energy, because methane is such a potent greenhouse gas.

“The [greenhouse gas] footprint for shale gas is greater than that for conventional gas or oil when viewed on any time horizon, but particularly so over 20 years. Compared to coal, the footprint of shale gas is at least 20% greater and perhaps more than twice as great on the 20-year horizon and is comparable when compared over 100 years,” states the upcoming study from Howarth, who is a professor of ecology and environmental biology, and other Cornell researchers.


Pretty freaking awesome!

Bitchin’ Camaro

The Dead Milkmen live. Ah, this takes me back:

Punk rock girl

Dead Milkmen:

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