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I was moaning to Amato this afternoon that I just knew Ryan Howard would lose tonight’s game for us, I just knew it. He said nah, you got Halladay, the Phillies will be fine.

But as a lifelong Philadelphian, I have a finely-calibrated nose for the stench of collapse. Oh well!

Republic, lost

This is really good:

Republic, Lost from Daniel Jones on Vimeo.

Long ago and far away

Jo Stafford:

‘We support you’

Ben & Jerry’s.


Dennis Trainor: Revolt!

I have to say, as much as I like what the Occupy movement is doing, I think they were wrong to explicitly rule out violence. This country does nothing until the elites feel threatened.

How come you never go there


Occupy Philly

First of all, so far, the City of Philadelphia is supportive of the protesters. (Mayor Nutter has informed them that tonight he will host a showing of Game 5 tonight of the Phillies-Cards series.) I even talked to a cop who shrugged and said, “These people are no threat to anyone. They have a point of view and they’re expressing it.” (He said he was more worried about the crowd they might get if the Phillies win tonight.)

Police Chief Charles Ramsey is having the First Amendment read regularly over the police radio, and reminds his officers that citizens have the right to record or take pictures of police activity.

And the city even blocks traffic for them and lets them march around City Hall during rush hour. So far, so good. We’ll see.


Cleveland Johnson, 64, (“Cleveland, like the city”) lives in Pennsauken NJ but grew up in Philadelphia. He said in the Sixties, he walked picket lines in Philadelphia for the integration of Girard College. “I was here when Rev. Martin Luther King came through,” he said.

Then he pointed to the diverse group of young people.

“That was our time, and this is their time. They’re standing up for what’s right.”
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Go Fightins

Our theme song:

Earlier this week, the Daily News ran a story about a drug bust involving a manager at Jim’s Steaks in Philly. My first thought was what’s the big deal about Xanax and pot, aside from the legal risks if you don’t pay off the right people? Can those drugs be any worse for the human body than Cheez Whiz and minute steaks? More here.

Grover’s pledge

Sounds like more Republicans are starting to see what a patch of quicksand Pope Grover’s pledge really is!

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