My kind of candidate

Jill Stein is the person I’d like to see in the White House:

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein and her running mate have been arrested at a sit-in at a Philadelphia bank over housing foreclosures.

The arrests came after about 50 party supporters staged a protest Wednesday against Fannie Mae, the government-sponsored mortgage lender.

Some tried to reach Fannie Mae’s downtown office through the adjacent bank. They staged a sit-in when they were denied access to the office building.

Stein and her running mate, Philadelphia activist Cheri Honkala (HAHN’-kah-lah), are among five people arrested. Police say they will face charges of defiant trespassing.

The demonstrators included several city residents struggling to keep their homes. Two met with Fannie Mae officials.

Tax cuts for the rich, forever

“Never assume,” as the say, except when it comes to Republicans in Congress, who will always champion the wealthy few, regardless of how badly things are going for the rest of us:

Defying US President Barack Obama, the Republican-held House voted to extend tax cuts for all Americans, framing a partisan divide over an issue that will not be resolved before November’s election.

House lawmakers on Wednesday rejected a substitute Democratic plan that would have let taxes rise for top earners, and then voted 256 to 171 to extend a package of Bush-era tax cuts for everyone for another year.

The move collides with a recently approved Senate bill that would extend the tax breaks for families making under $250,000 a year — about 98 percent of Americans. Obama has threatened to veto a bill that also extends the cuts for those making more than that threshold…

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