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Sly and the Family Stone:

Virtually Speaking Susie

9pm EST tonight, talking with Athenae from First Draft about her blog’s team coverage of the workers’ movement in Wisconsin. I love Athenae, she’s one of my favorite bloggers, so tune in — or call in with questions to 646-200-3440.

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Thunder road

Jim Boggia on ukelele:

Fox lies

It’s so bad that even CNN is calling them out on it:

Food for thought

Matt Taibbi on the bank bailouts:

I have no doubt there were mountains of improprieties committed before and during these transactions. I think in the end we’re going to find out that the emergency bailouts of 2008 were really a wide-scale government-aided effort at consolidating financial power, in which the taxpayer was asked to fund a series of lucrative mergers that greatly limited consumer choices and made the entire financial system markedly less transparent. To me there’s a dangerous precedent involved when you have one group of investors who get all their news from the papers, and another group of active traders who are on the phone with the Treasury and the Fed in real-time as they marionette the economy.

No pain like dental pain

That is, the pain when they reach into your wallet. Nicole, believe me, I feel your pain.

Just last week I had to spend several hundred dollars of last month’s donations to fix a dental problem. Not a physically painful one, like an abscess, but the splitting off of several critical teeth (which would have cost me several thousand later on if I didn’t take care of it now). Those teeth were breaking off like the damned polar ice shelf.

My dentist gives me a pretty good discount because he knows my situation, and he always tries to come up with the cheapest possible yet reasonably healthy solution. It’s not him. It’s just that dental care is too expensive for most people.

This is one reason I will always feel warmly toward Hillary Clinton. During Bill’s administration, when she was running the health care meetings, she was the only person who said it was absurd not to cover dental care, that your teeth were connected to your body and had a huge impact on your health. The insurance industry was furious; apparently dental insurance is quite lucrative, and they didn’t want to lose any of that pie.

Anyway, she tried. Which is more than most people did.


Generals defect, join protesters.

Quote of the day

And it’s only half over! Matt Yglesias:

“… The Senate’s preening self-regard is matched only by its lack of comprehension of the issues.”

Elizabeth Warren

Yves at Naked Capitalism: Why she’s not ever going to be effective.

Hiring the unemployed

A Wharton School publication says refusing to hire the unemployed is a really bad idea:

As an article yesterday in the Philadelphia Inquirer noted, some employers feel that people who fail to find a job after months of looking probably have “something wrong” with them. In addition, the article noted, companies worry that unemployed workers fall behind in job skills, especially when one in three job seekers has been out of work for more than a year.

Is that an accurate assumption? “It’s always tempting to give an ‘on the one hand’ and ‘on the other hand’ response to such practices, but in this case, there really seems to be only one hand. This is a bad idea,” states Wharton management professor Peter Cappelli. “I’m sure what these employers are thinking is that people who lost their jobs did so because employers didn’t think they were good workers. The essence of a recession like this one, though, is that lots of people lose their jobs” because, for example, the plant closes, the company fails or the employer offers buy-outs.
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