3 thoughts on “Sure, that makes sense

  1. Do you suppose that Obama would entertain the idea of replacing Pompeo as the Secretary of State in the Biden administration?

    What about Bernie as the Secretary of Labor?

    And as the Secretary of Defense a Progressive, rather than another Neo-liberal like Susan Rice or Samantha Powers?

    But all of that is just wishful thinking unless Trump is defeated tomorrow.

    So if you haven’t already voted then tomorrow is your special day.
    Go out early to vote and be patient.

  2. Why aren’t there a bunch of cops out there handing out tickets to everyone of the SOB’s
    Oh yeah IOKIYAR!

  3. Speaking as someone who logged a million miles behind the wheel of a 20′ bobtail down every little road between Santa Rosa Sacramento and Santa Cruz, I can say that playing games on the freeway is almost always a very bad idea.
    And with Bill Stepien running the campaign, you would think that they would at least frown upon obstructing traffic on bridges in New Jersey…

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