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Paul Westerberg:

It was excessively generous of Paul Krugman to describe Barack Obama’s jobs plan as “bold,” given the fact that it’s long-overdue and just happens to coincide with the start of Obama’s re-election campaign

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I didn’t listen to Obama.

(Which makes my record pretty much perfect. Except for the odd 30 seconds here and there, I haven’t been entranced by the Golden Voice of Reason.)

But I do read David Dayen over at FDL. In this post he’s talking about the liberal bona fides of the jobs programs Obama listed.

School infrastructure repair and remodel sounds like a sure thing, 30 billion to 35,000 publics schools; that’s $85,000 per school. When you throw in community colleges at an unknown number, I worry that it might be too diluted, but still. Good.

The Job creation/ payroll tax thing? Sure sounds like a way for companies to cheat. We’ll see. Seems too little, and too easy to hire people and then whack them off the payroll – for profit! But I am much too dark these days.

But for sure, the work sharing program. I don’t know about other places, but I know that a lot of people in my old town used unemployment benefits to boost their income when the Company started into laying off for half-days, half-weeks, only to find out that each part-week they claimed counted as a full week of unemployment benefits, so that when they finally lost their jobs altogether, they had used up their benefit weeks without using up their benefit dollars.

I need somebody to clarify this, to promise that these job-sharers aren’t just getting fucked over under a different program.

And sincere thanks for your consistently great work, Mr. Dayen. I trust you, which is why I read you.

White riot

The Clash:

Take the power back


Bulls on parade

Rage Against The Machine:


I first saw this picture several years ago, and when I describe it to people, they think I’m exaggerating:

The solution

To poverty and social unrest in the UK?

You guessed it: Charter schools (called “free schools” there) and school discipline!

Psychologist Timothy Wilson is an incredibly boring speaker, but has some interesting things to say:

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