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Defunding NPR

The Republicans away with shit because they have the balls to go for the jugular. Too bad Democrats haven’t learned that lesson.

Redistribution of wealth

I’m so happy to be part of the system that continues to distribute wealth to the top, where it’s most needed to buy the kinds of things that are advertised in Vanity Fair.

Earthquake history

In November 1755, a 9.0 earthquake shook the ground for ten minutes and resulted in a 100-ft. tsunami that swept Lisbon, Portugal.

Lesson to be learned

You can’t run a safety-critical power plant with a FOR-PROFIT company:

On August 29, 2002, the government of Japan revealed that TEPCO was guilty of false reporting in routine governmental inspection of its nuclear plants and systematic concealment of plant safety incidents. All seventeen of its boiling-water reactors were shut down for inspection as a result. TEPCO’s chairman Hiroshi Araki, President Nobuya Minami, Vice-President Toshiaki Enomoto, as well as the advisers Shō Nasu and Gaishi Hiraiwa stepped-down by September 30, 2002.[6] The utility “eventually admitted to two hundred occasions over more than two decades between 1977 and 2002, involving the submission of false technical data to authorities”.[7] Upon taking over leadership responsibilities, TEPCO’s new president issued a public commitment that the company would take all the countermeasures necessary to prevent fraud and restore the nation’s confidence. By the end of 2005, generation at suspended plants had been restarted, with government approval.

In 2007, however, the company announced to the public that an internal investigation had revealed a large number of unreported incidents. These included an unexpected unit criticality in 1978 and additional systematic false reporting, which had not been uncovered during the 2002 inquiry. Along with scandals at other Japanese electric companies, this failure to ensure corporate compliance resulted in strong public criticism of Japan’s electric power industry and the nation’s nuclear energy policy. Again, the company made no effort to identify those responsible.


CNN is explaining how good it is for us. I feel better already.

Defend the dream

After-work events today:

Republicans in Congress are holding the middle class hostage—proposing a federal budget that would would cut 700,000 to 1 million jobs from our communities and slash funding to support preschool and college students, pregnant women, unemployed workers, and much more. This isn’t a budget, it’s a slap in the face to the public workers, services, and institutions making the American Dream possible. We have until the March 18 budget deadline to push Congress in another direction.

So after work on Tuesday, March 15, we’re mobilizing Defend the Dream events in all 50 states at our schools, libraries, fire stations, hospitals, and parks to stand up against Republican attacks. If we can mobilize thousands of people again for a national day of action before the March 18 deadline, we’ll give progressive fighters in Congress a better chance to stave off cuts and pass a budget that invests in the Dream. We’ll show our support for the public workers, services, and institutions making a difference in our lives—but we’ll also make sure that Congress knows we’ll hold them accountable for their vote.

Click to find an event near you.

Last night’s show

Our discussion about Wisconsin, Michigan and whether electoral politics was still useful was pretty lively. (I’m afraid I’m just too radical for the young folks.) Click here to listen!

Haley Barbour

All those years of pouring free shots for reporters is really starting to pay off!

Of course

They just resent anyone saying no to them. Didn’t these people have mothers?

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