Republican strategery

What a brilliant idea! Attack Hillary Clinton, the most admired woman in America, because she might run for president in four years. Boy, those congressional Republicans are smart. Remember these poll results from last month?

A new Washington Post/ABC News poll finds broad support for a potential 2016 presidential run by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, including a surprising amount of Republican women that say they would support her candidacy.

Overall, 57 percent of the poll’s respondents said they would support a Clinton candidacy. That includes 35 percent of Republican women. To put that in perspective, President Barack Obama won just 6 percent of the overall Republican vote this year. Among all women, 66 percent would support Clinton’s potential bid in 2016.

Clinton is riding a wave of popularity as she prepares to leave her post as Secretary of State in Obama’s second term. Sixty-six percent of adults view her favorably, an all-time high in the poll. This includes 67 percent of self-identified Independents.

And 68 percent approve of the way she is handling her job as secretary of state. That includes 65 percent of Independents — and 40 percent of Republicans.

I guarantee you: Those numbers will be even higher tomorrow.


Frontline: Too big to jail?

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Frontline takes a look at how the Obama administration protected Wall Street:

Commenting on clips from the episode showing former home loan underwriters explaining how they would laugh as they pushed through mortgages that were too expensive for the borrowers, Smith said this type of behavior was “very frequent and common.”

“There are lawsuits that name 35 — easily 36, 37 — of these kind of testimonies,” Smith told HuffPost Live host Jacob Soboroff. “And these guys are joking about it at this point, but of course it’s not really funny in the end because it all resulted in the collapse of 2008, a million people losing their houses, many people out of work and businesses seeing demand sink.”

“It was like a party,” one former loan underwriter tells Frontline’s” Martin Smith. “We were getting through these loans as quick as we can. They were not being looked at like they should’ve been looked at.”

A full transcript of the report is available here.

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