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Irony, thy name is

G4S, the British company that bought Wackenhut, and contractor-employer of the underpaid and poorly-treated security guards who are guarding Independence Hall.

Government-hating, self-reliant red staters

Yes, of course you knew.

Why so surprised?

Ezra Klein:

I knew the White House wanted a compromise on the debt ceiling. I just didn’t expect them to do quite so much, well, compromising.

Jamie Galbraith

Why this is a big fucking deal.

Princess camp

No, really, feminism won and little girls aren’t molded into gender stereotypes for the benefit of selling them things:

… Your child will act, dance and play at Princess Camp, a four-week camp for children ages 3 to 7 at En Pointe Dance Studio in Northeast Philadelphia. The princesses will start each day with a one-hour dance class followed by princess story time, a snack and tea party, princess arts and crafts, and concluding with princess dress-up games.

The maximum wage

A modest proposal.


Alan Grayson’s running again.

Here comes your man

The Pixies:

Angel of the morning

Chrissie Hynde:

No you can’t

I was just on Mark Thompson’s Sirius radio show, and boy, the callers were really, really angry about proposed Medicare cuts. (And, as I reminded them, Medicaid is what pays for our parents if they need nursing home care.)

I mean really, really angry. And as Mark pointed out, it’s not as if we can go ahead and vote for Michele Bachmann, so what are people supposed to do with that anger? Bloggers are already being attacked for even criticizing Obama, as he reminded me.

It’s maddening and if there’s one thing I hate, it’s feeling powerless. Grrr.

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