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City art.

Good advice, I’d say.

Obama blew it. That’s the point of a long piece in today’s NYT by an exasperated academic who has stopped pretending Obama is the second coming of Martin Luther King. Instead, he asks sobering and long-overdue questions (overdue in the mainstream media, that is).


I was talking to one of our old neighbors at the wedding yesterday, a guy who was the CFO of a mid-size law firm. He got laid off last week — at the age of 61.

“Bastards,” I said, shaking my head.

He and his wife were telling me how angry and upset they were at how little Obama was doing to help the economy and get people working again. His wife was worried about health care — she said the policy through his job already had a $6K deductible.

All these middle-class people who did everything right, played by the rules and got screwed anyway. It makes me mad — and sad.

Shiver me timbers

Tom Waits:

Leon Panetta as Strangelove

Ignore the jobless, kick people out of their homes, starve the kids. These consequences are grim but acceptable. The one thing we cannot afford, you slimy Congresspeople, is to cut the Defense budget. Doing so might set off a “doomsday mechanism,” perhaps identical to the doomsday machine dreamed up by the Soviets in Dr. Strangelove.

Honor and praise

I think I must have been a sailor in a past life, because these sea songs have such a powerful draw for me. (Plus, there’s also my wariness of the ocean.) Fairport Convention:

Post-wedding post

I had a really good time at the wedding yesterday. It was lovely, one of the nicest weddings I’ve ever attended. (It seems just yesterday that I was my sister’s labor coach while she was in labor with the bride.)

My niece looked fabulous. And so did my sister.

Until yesterday, I didn’t even know that the bride and groom met at Disney World while they were both on spring break. (Which explains the fairy tale motif that was everywhere.)

The seating at the different tables was done by theme. The bride’s side is from Philadelphia, so those tables each featured a Philadelphia landmark. The groom’s family is from Long Island, so their tables all featured New York landmarks. So I saw this guy check out one table and recoil, saying loudly to his wife, “Citizens Bank Park? No way!”

I sneered and said to him, “Yeah, you wish you had that problem.” Meh. Mets fans!


Janis live:

A case of you

Diana Krall:

Help me

Joni Mitchell:

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