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Triangle walks

Fever Ray:


Even though it’s horrid hot, the weather people hyped the tornado watch all day and we never even got rain, it did result in this lovely sky this evening:


Romance isn’t dead:


Touchdown in Springfield, Mass. Part of this same system we’re watching…


Looks like the GOP is a little worried about Kuchinich’s proposal to pull troops from Libya…

Last night’s show

With Marcy Wheeler was a real blast. She’s so smart and knows so much stuff, I’m in awe. Plus, dry wit!

Click here to listen.

Crazy Rick Scott

I wonder if he wants to sniff it, too.

Uh oh

Tornado watch here for the rest of the day.

‘Bold leadership’

The Villagers are not like us, and I fear nothing will ever pierce their bubble. Except, you know, an actual revolution. With guillotines.


New moon solar eclipse in Gemini today at 5:03 PM.

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