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Wednesday, April 25 | 5 pm eastern | 2 pm pacific | Virtually Speaking Science: | Tom Levenson talks with American science writer Gary Taubesabout Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It, released in December 2010. Taubes is the author of Nobel Dreams (1987), Bad Science: The Short Life and Weird Times of Cold Fusion(1993), and Good Calories, Bad Calories (2007), titled The Diet Delusion (2008) in the UK and Australia. VS Science is hosted in Second Life by MICAFollow @GaryTaubes @TomLevenson Listen Live & Later


We’re in Bizarro World!

Two of the nation’s most high-profile Democratic candidates for Senate seats have parted ways over U.S. policy on Iran, which is a top national security issue this election year.

Bob Kerrey, a former U.S. Navy SEAL and two-term senator from Nebraska who is running to win back his former seat, released an ad on Tuesday strongly opposing an attack on Iran, which he said would be “a disaster.”

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Warren, a Democratic Senate hopeful in Massachusetts, came under fire for a hawkish statement on Iran that contradicts intelligence assertions by senior U.S. defense officials.

Warren’s campaign website features a policy statement declaring that “Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons” and “Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons is unacceptable because a nuclear Iran would be a threat to the United States, our allies, the region, and the world.

As I pointed out during the Obama campaign, don’t believe everything you read on a campaign website. They’re written by the policy people and mostly ignored. But that doesn’t mean Warren isn’t a hawk, either.

But Bob Kerrey making sense? I need to lie down with a cold washcloth on my forehead.

Charlie Pierce

Brilliant. Maybe I could write like that if I made enough to pay my bills.

More mad moo

This WSJ article is even more interesting when you read the comments by people who seem to know what they’re talking about.

Whattaya gonna do?

So state troopers lead a “Death Race” of expensive sports cars on the Garden State Parkway, and tough guy Gov. Christie’s response? Boys will be boys!

The man who indicted John Edwards

Go read all about George Holding, the ambitious Bush appointee to U.S. Attorney who indicted John Edwards. He’s running for a North Carolina congressional seat, and it seems he’s skirting the edges of campaign finance law with a SuperPAC composed mostly of family members, and dedicated to only one candidate – him.


Was Newt still running? Didn’t realize…

Jamie Galbraith

Yves Smith:

Galbraith has marshaled a great deal of cross country data over time, and shows how changes in equality happened in a very large number of economies in parallel. He explains, persuasively, that the most plausible culprit is changes in the financial regime.

Given the considerable evidence that inequality is costly even to the wealthy, Galbraith’s analysis provides another reason for reining in the major dealer banks.

Fox News mole raided

You can pretty much sum up my reaction with the last paragraph:

UPDATE: Fox News “mole” Joe Muto reportedly woke up Wednesday to an early morning raid from the New York District Attorney’s office.

At around 8:30 a.m., Muto tweeted: “I just got search warranted at 6:30am by a very polite crew from the DA’s office. Took my iPhone, laptop, some old notebooks.”

The former O’Reilly Factor producer turned Gawker double agent says that, according to the warrant, Fox News is “apparently accusing me of grand larceny, amongst other things.”

The DA’s office declined to comment on the open investigation to Forbes and other outlets.

Gawker confirmed earlier this month that Fox News attorneys had notified them that they were considering legal action against both the website and Muto, so the search likely didn’t come as a complete surprise to Muto.

Meanwhile, the ex-Fox News employee offered one more parting shot at his former employer and its parent company, News Corp.: “I should have done something more innocuous, like hacked a dead girl’s phone and interfered with a police investigation.”

Android, psycho CEO, or just a liar?

Do androids dream of electric sheep?

On the one hand, it’s tempting to conclude Mittens is an android, capable of only the crudest simulations of spontaneity and empathy. If you prick him, will he not bleed some sort of industrial coolant? More here.

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