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Economist Dean Baker:

Well, someone has to stop blathering nonsense about the debt and start talking about creating jobs. There is no employer in the country who is going to hire people because the government cut the deficit. They will hire people when they see demand. This will come from the government spending money. That should be simple enough for even a politician or political reporter to understand.


It’s absolutely beautiful here today, made even more enjoyable by the memory of last week’s suffocating heat wave – 72, no humidity.

I am writing this next to an open window, which makes me very happy.

Rockin’ the suburbs

Ben Folds:

100 years

I think I’d like this song at my funeral. Five for Fighting:


I think the Edwards indictment is a real stretch, maybe even prosecutorial abuse. It sounds like there’s some other agenda here; I just can’t figure out what that is.

What I’ve seen among progressives is a strong desire to punish him. Yes, it would have been a disaster if he’d gotten the nomination with this secret. But all the people who want this man to be indicted because he cheated on his sick wife? That’s just nuts. I’m not going to judge someone in the middle of that kind of emotional pressure cooker situation because I don’t know what it’s like:

Some experts said they did not know of any case in which prosecutors brought criminal charges against a candidate for using money from a wealthy contributor to hide a personal matter. Normally such violations are handled as civil matters and result in fines and requirements for the candidates to repay the money.

Scott E. Thomas, a former chairman of the Federal Election Commission, met with prosecutors on Edwards’ behalf to persuade them not to seek criminal charges.

“I do not believe that there is any prior case that states that the conduct at issue in the Edwards matter, or even conduct substantially similar to it, constituted a violation of the statute,” Thomas said.

Michael Toner, also a former FEC chairman, agreed. “This is a real stretch,” he said. “And I say that as a Republican who is no fan of John Edwards.”

UPDATE: Looks like Jeralyn agrees.

When I was a boy

Dar Williams:


Green infrastructure and sustainability:

Green City, Clean Waters Promo from GreenTreks Network on Vimeo.


Chrissie Hynde covers Radiohead:


What Lambert said.

Since I fell for you

I used to sing this at open mikes some 20 years ago, pining over some no-good fool. Maybe I was attracted to assholes because they’re so much better for your art! (Note: Discuss with therapist.) Lenny Welch:

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