One thought on “Panhandle Slim… Art for Folk…

  1. Instead of a narrative which would fill several hundred pages, here are the dots.

    >1789-USA founded.
    >1815-Congress of Vienna.
    >1816-US oligarch Nicholas Biddle establishes the Second US Central Bank with the backing of the Rothschilds.
    >1822-Congress of Verona.
    >1828-John C. Calhoun uses the United States Telegraph newspaper to push the concept of states rights. (States Rights Doctrine)
    >1841-President William Henry Harrison is poisoned (?) and dies in office.
    >1850-President Zachary Taylor poisoned (?) and dies in office.
    >1857-President James Buchanan poisoned (?) and lives and continues in office.
    >1861-Civil War.
    >1865-Lincoln assassinated at the hands of a CSA/Jesuit led conspiracy.
    (See extremist, Jesuit, Catholics Mary Surratt, her son John who was sheltered by the Pope, and the remainder of the conspirators including John Wilkes Booth.)

    Fast forward to today where Trump is packing the Court with extremist Roman Catholics who have some connection to Opus Dei, while he violates the Constitution of the US on a daily basis.

    Note: The Society of Jesus, the Jesuits, was founded in 1540 as the Pope’s Army.
    Opus Dei, is an offshoot of the Jesuits, and was formed in 1928 by a Spanish Jesuit priest Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer y y Albas.

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