Hypocrisy comes so easily to wingnuts

One thought on “Hypocrisy comes so easily to wingnuts

  1. Extremist Amy Coney Barrett says that like her mentor Anthony Scalia she is an “originalist.”

    But even if “originalism,” or as it was once called “strict constructionism,” was a legitimate philosophy it wouldn’t explain why Barrett is so vehemently opposed to a women’s right to choose, Obamacare, workers rights, and civil and gender rights.

    Barrett’s beliefs are rooted in extremist Roman Catholic dogma (Opus Dei which AG Bill Barr is a member of) and the Fascist ideology of the Federalist Society (which Barr is also a member of).

    These issues have nothing to do with Barrett’s “faith.”

    They have to do with Barrett’s extremist and unyielding views on what the authors of the Constitution “meant.” As if that were even a knowable ‘thing’.

    They also have to do with packing the Supreme Court with Roman Catholic, Federalist Society Fascists. (Why not 6 Mormon’s or 6 Scientologists?)

    And they have to do with over turning Roe v Wade and other settled law like the Social Security System and the Income Tax System. (Back to the era of the Robber Barons.)

    But that’s not the worst of it because the character and ethics of Amy Coney Barrett are also questionable.

    Here is a person who 36 days before the most contentious election since the Civil War believes that it makes sense that she, a fringe right winger, replace Ruth Bader Ginsberg on the Court.

    Barrett obviously has a massive ego,
    and talk about being self-absorbed.

    To all of the Establishment Democrats, the Neo-liberals, who want all of us to focus on Barrett’s academic and judicial work and ignore her religious and political extremism, now wouldn’t that be convenient for you?

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