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Blue collar millionaire

Complaining about union dues in a commercial. Hah hah!

Last night

Lynn Miles:


This is great news!

Just when you thought it was over, the temperature at reactor number 2 atFukushima’s nuclear plant has soared 26.7 degrees Celsius in the last few hours. Worse: they don’t know why the temperature is increasing after being stabilized for so long.

The reactor reached 164 degrees Fahrenheit (73.3 degrees Celsius) after being stabilized at 113 degrees Fahrenheit (45 degrees Celsius) since last December. Here’s the latest official update by Tepco, the owner of the plant:

At this moment, temperature indicates approx. 71.0 °C (as of 11:00 am on February 6). We will monitor it continuously.

The reactors were finally shut down cold after ten months of dramatic struggle by company and emergency workers.

Tepco has admitted that they don’t have a clue about what is going on. They have increased the amount of water pumped into the reactor ten percent, but their technicians don’t know what is going on. The change was detected in one of the three thermometers at the base of the reactor.

Larry, Larry, Larry

Larry Summers sings the joys of outsourcing, and yet President Obama pretends to sing a different tune:

Summers’ appearance at the World BPO/ITO Forum also seems to contradict the Obama administration’s claims that it is battling outsourcing. At a recent “insourcing” event held at the White House, President Obama said that he wanted  the United States “to be known for making and selling products all over the world stamped with three proud words:  ’Made in America.’”

In recent weeks, there have been rumors that Summers will be nominated to head the World Bank — despite having signed off on a memorandum during his first tenure there that praised the advantages of dumping pollution in developing nations — by President Obama. One has to wonder if the administration is at all troubled by Summers’ continued advocacy on behalf of big corporations as it mulls once again installing him in a position of great influence.


What could possibly go wrong with our interference in the internal affairs of a Middle East country?

French parenting

This is pretty much how I raised my own kids, and I have to say, I don’t understand why anyone wants to have kids running the show.

Madonna exits, Mitt marches on

The concepts are unintentionally funny, the players about as exciting as a squad of assembly-line robots. More here.


How did the Japanese government immediately respond to the Fukushima crisis?

By cutting off the funding for radiation monitoring, that’s how.


Again, with the healing:

You will heal. You need patience and confidence in your ability to do so. Many members of your noble sign are probably being reminded, and maybe rather harshly, that Libra is supposed to be all about justice and fairness, not passive-aggressive control. If you’ve got right on your side, you need now only to negotiate the best deal for everybody. If, however, you’re playing the injured party and cannot see or refuse to see your participation in the game, then any resolution will be long, drawn out and excruciatingly painful. Getting older can mean getting wiser, too. To repeat: You will heal. You need patience and confidence in your ability to do.


Arizona goes after public workers with laws even more extreme than Wisconsin’s.

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