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(Editorial cartoon by Tom Toles and published in the Washington Post April 7, 2011. Via Cab Drollery.)

Nuclear power plants

I try not to think of the three that ring Philadelphia.

Debt ceiling

The game explained by Dave Weigel.

What they’re not telling us

About radioactive milk.

Rock ‘n’ roll suicide

Bowie live:

Waterloo sunset


I am the cosmos

I know I posted this recently, but you can never have too much Big Star:

Two things I learned on the internets today

1) Wellbutrin makes you dehydrated and gives you really bad “Oh my God, do I have a brain tumor?” headaches. For most people, this goes away after two or three weeks. Some people say it’s much better if they drink a lot of water.

2) The generic version (the one I can afford) is the one that causes the headaches.

Obama’s speech

Read the whole thing here.

Greg Sargent’s take here.

If I ruled the world

My friend April wrote this delightful piece about today’s moon in Leo:

I’m not sure how I ended up at a Tony Bennett concert. I know I wanted, very much, to be sitting in that auditorium, grooving along with Tony… I just can’t quite remember how I came to want to be there. For the duration of my previous thirty-four years on the planet, Mr. Bennett and I had coexisted in blithe disregard of one another. But there we were, and Tony did not disappoint. Backed by a tight little trio, resplendent in his tux, his silver hair glinting in the spotlight, Tony was The Man. The incandescent smile. The leonine grace. And by God, the man could sing.

But here’s what I remember most about that night, and what has made me proud ever since to be, like Tony, a Leo. At the end of every single song — like a gymnast who has just stuck a dismount — Tony opened his arms, lifted his chin a little, and just beamed. He radiated dignity, poise, and sheer delight in the act of entertaining. There was no façade of cool, no embarrassment, no condescension toward the adoring masses. Tony loved singing in front of people, plain and simple, and people loved hearing him, and no one had to feel embarrassed about it.

So many of us — even Leos! — are embarrassed by our desire to express something about ourselves and to have it embraced and applauded by others. We create, but refuse to share our creations with others for fear of rejection. Or we share our artistry but adopt a desperate pose of cool, pretending it’s beneath us to care how others respond. How often do we simply stand in front of an audience, looking great, doing our best, sharing everything that is in our hearts and trusting our audience to love us back? It takes a lot of guts and conviction to take the stage and offer up a part of one’s soul. Today, take your place in the spotlight, and show us what you’ve got. Here’s Tony, showing us how it’s done.

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