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Marat Sade

An old song with new resonance! Judy Collins:

Gypsie boy

Rory Block:


Sad and sweet.

Meteor shower

No good for here, since it’s supposed to rain, but maybe you can see it where you are:

The sky is putting on a free light show night. The Lyrid meteor shower is here, and it peaks in the wee hours, reports Discovery News. The Lyrids aren’t as big as the Perseids of summer or the Geminids of winter, notes ABC News, but a new moon tonight should make the sky nice and dark for optimal viewing. The advice at Space.com is pretty straightforward: Go out after midnight and look up.

The shell game

In European austerity, watch what they do, not what they say.

Put your records on

A sunny song for a rainy day! Corinne Bailey Rae:

Walking blues

Bonnie Raitt:

Nobody wins

I have a couple of friends who are/were Nashville songwriters, and it’s kind of like being a suburban mom making play dates – songwriters are always setting up co-writing sessions to see if they click. I wonder if that’s how this hit song came about. Radney Foster and Kim Richey:

Spying on Americans

Of course they’re lying. I just assumed that:

National Security Agency whistleblower William Binney reveals he believes domestic surveillance has become more expansive under President Obama than President George W. Bush. He estimates the NSA has assembled 20 trillion “transactions” — phone calls, emails and other forms of data — from Americans. This likely includes copies of almost all of the emails sent and received from most people living in the United States. Binney talks about Section 215 of the USA PATRIOT Act and challenges NSA Director Keith Alexander’s assertion that the NSA is not intercepting information about U.S. citizens.

Good morning little school girl

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