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I kind of agree with them, even the ones I like.

Listen to the radio

Nanci Griffith at the Opry:

Breathe you my dreams

Trixie Whitley:

No myth

Michael Penn:


Emmy Lou and the Hot Band:

Ohh shoot

The stories, they write themselves!

The gulag

Remember when we looked down on the Soviets for the human rights violations in their prison camps? Good times!

Thrift store

My friend figured out this hit song by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis is why thrift stores are picked clean lately:

Hanger for governor

Looks like we have a populist progressive in the fight (no, not freaking Allyson Schwartz, who’s now a Blue Dog).

Remember, early money is key. If you don’t want a Blue Dog Dem in the state house, throw Hanger a couple of bucks. He’s going to need it against big-bucks Schwartz.

Drone memos

CodePink is urging people to sign their petition to release the drone memos with a fake letter from Jon Stewart.

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