Celebrity time

I was walking down Lombard Street toward Tangier when I spotted Alberton his way home.

“Hey,” he said. “You have a couple of fans from Boston waiting for you.”

“Really?” I said, incredulous. “No shit.” (You have to understand, it’s hard to feel like a celebrity when all you do is sit around the house half-dressed and blog.)

As I approached the side door of Tangier, Steve from All Spin Zone grabbed my elbow and steered me inside. “Some people are here to meet you,” he said.

“People” were Michael and Priscilla, who are planning to move here within the next year from Boston. Very nice folks. He’s a COBOL programmer and she’s in school for interior design. (Plus, he looks like legendary WMMR DJPierre Robert. “Usually, people tell me I look like Jerry Garcia,” he said.)

Anyway, I can’t tell you how strange it feels to be a destination – like the steps of the Art Museum from “Rocky.” (And did I mention that Steve wrote only last week: “I’m beginning to think Drinking Liberally in Philly will soon become a tourist attraction”? Dude!)