Beach day

After our lovely day at the beach (the water was very warm and there were no sand fleas, flies, jellyfish or sharks to ruin things), we decided (okay, Partner in Crime insisted and as you already know, I’m a complete doormat) that we stop by Atlantic City and have drinks at one of the beach bars.

The first place we stopped had a live broadcast from one of the Philadelphia classic-rock stations and the DJs were holding a trivia contest (“What’s the name of Rocky Balboa’s dog?”) with various categories. They mentioned something about military trivia, and Partner In Crime turned on the barstool, brandishing a marguerita and intoning in a deep announcer voice:

“For a free weekend at this fabulous hotel, tell me this: How many U.S. troops killed in Iraq?”

“Why, that would be 1,846!” I said.

“And for the bonus round: How many troops killed since George Bush went on vacation?”

“”Forty-seven troops!” I shouted.

It was funnier than it sounds. Hey, sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying…