My life and times

I was talking to a friend last night at DL who confided that she’s “not a blog reader.” I said that was okay, lots of people aren’t.

“But when I read your blog, I don’t read the politics,” she said. “I click on the part about ‘my so-called life’ and I only read those. But I do know you. It must be weird, that some people only read that stuff and think they know you from that small part of you.”

She’s right; it is weird. And it’s always interesting to find out how some people only read certain parts. I always feel like the personal stuff is a distraction – for me, mostly, because I get a little bored with 24/7 politics. (Hard to believe, I know.)

Like most people, I carefully edit which parts I allow other people to see – and because I know so many of the people who read this blog, I can’t write as freely as I’d like. (You’d be surprised how much I leave out.)

I was telling a co-worker about this. “So that’s why I’m planning to get rich from my novel,” I said. “I get to use all those stories I can’t blog about, and if my friends all get mad at me after the book comes out, I’ll have enough money to buy some new friends.”

And people think I don’t plan ahead. Hah.