Auld lang syne

Just got back from seeing my friend Colleen’s World Cafe show. Not only great music (do check out local songwriterChristine Havrilla and Nashville’s Joe Rathbone, who were also on the bill) but it was quite the reunion – lots of musicians I haven’t seen in a couple of years.

“So where have you been?” someone asked.

“Oh, I was in a dark hole. I’m out now,” I said.

Caught up with Bob Beach and Gina Kaz, too. It was so much fun, I suspect it won’t be too long before I start performing again.

Funny note: no one there was a blog reader; most of them don’t even know what blogs are. It was fun to be just another musician and not a blogger.

Oh, and it turns out a few people I know have already moved to Mt. Airy, the part of Philadelphia where I’m planning to move this spring. So I’ll have friends in the neighborhood – a nice change from life in the Hellmouth.