Off The Hook

I just came home from assorted errands and man, it’s CRAZY out there. This new storm will come with even stronger winds, so the weather forecasters are telling people to prepare for power failures. Well, that’s a classic recipe for panic!

The supermarket parking lot is so crowded, people are blocking in the other cars. I mean, there is not one single parking spot left. People have filled the entire shopping center lot, and that of the nearby Applebee’s. It’s just plain nuts.

My tank was on empty, so I had to get gas. (Another one of the Dad-isms: “Make sure you have a full tank when you drive in the snow, it’ll give you traction.”) I filled up, then crawled home the half-mile or so in heavy traffic.

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4 thoughts on “Off The Hook

  1. The key to empty market is get there as they open; have been doing it for decades including today at 8am.

  2. it’s times like this I’m glad christina and I make so much at home: we have a dozen jars of canned tomatoes and homemade salsa, chicken stock in the cabinets, pasta (ok, we bought that), plenty of canned greens, marmalade…

    and lots of frozen meat and veggies too. We’re good to go (although I may dig out a lantern if the power goes out).

  3. Out here on The High Desert, at four thousand feet above sea level and but a stone’s throw from what were once prolific High Cascade glaciers close enough to the forty-fifth parallel to call it half way to the north pole, the weather you are experiencing now was as recently as fifteen years ago The Norm. Today, it’s forty-five degrees, the sun is shining, and a walk in the park finds robins digging worms and crocuses pushing through the duff. We haven’t had as much snow as your single recent dusting in four or five years – all together.

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