7 thoughts on “Police Brutality

  1. Me thinks she has a lawsuit. I hope she fleeces Bally’s and the police; they deserve it.

  2. Oops. Looks like Bally’s didn’t get everything it needed from hiring that manager. Sounds like an authoritarian corporatist shit-eater to me. I’ll bet they’re losing money hand over fist.

  3. This is STILL A-merry-ca where one’s skin color is STILL a factor when it comes to dealing with the cops. Heck, there was this black guy named Gates who was arrested for breaking into his own home. Yep, “unbelievable” is right.

  4. philly cops are such a disgrace it is almost unbelievable. it would be if stories like this weren’t so commonplace.

    i wonder if anyone at the club will be upset, or they are glad to be rid of that pushy old black lady. disgusting.

  5. The Bally manager has the judgment of a two-yr-old. A lady who plunked down her money gets the bike. PERIOD.
    And what is this language from the cop? “Fuck you up?” Where does he think he is? How totally inappropriate of him! Besides when I have heard it used, it means physical harm that is so TOTALLY actionable!

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