Digging Out

Although my landlady has people who do the shoveling, they haven’t shown up yet and I had to get to my car to clean it off. So I paid a couple of kids $10 to hack a path to my car.

They were happy to get it; they said they put in a full day of shoveling yesterday (I used to do it myself when I was a kid, so I know just how exhausting it is) and then they got to the bus stop to go home, the buses had stopped running and they had to walk all the way home.

It’s that really heavy, wet snow with an icy crust. I had to break cracks in it with a broom handle before I could get it off. Then I drove through the snow drifts with my Subaru to flatten my driveway.

It worked fine … until I got stuck. And I mean, really stuck. It took three of my neighbors ten minutes or so to push me back into my driveway.

I might be trapped here for a few days.

Until Monday, when it snows again. Arghh.

UPDATE: Shoveler Guy just showed up, told me he’d clean out the driveway – “But I’m working alone today, it’ll take a while.” I assured him I’m not going anywhere.

3 thoughts on “Digging Out

  1. Someone put up a sign in one of my building’s elevators advertising car-cleaning services. They said (I have a feeling it the same guys who wash windows) they weren’t setting a price but taking what people felt the cleaning was worth. The said “firest called, first served” and gave two phone numbers. There are a lot of elderly people in my development who can use help cleaning off their cars — probably some of the younger ones too could use someone to clean off their cars.

  2. my landlord called me last night to tell me his blower broke yesterday, and hasn’t been able to procure another one as the stores are all out apparently. i’m pretty sure a plow will be required. meanwhile i really need to get out to see someone for my back as i can barely walk i am in so much pain.

    btw, are you giving me a dose of my own medicine and not answering your phone?

  3. People with kids don’t like living on my street.

    Too much traffic all the time.

    It’s only one lane, each way, with a shoulder for parking on only one side.

    But people use it as a shortcut between two larger, main roads.

    So it’s a mini-main road.

    Too much traffic, really, to let small kids play in the front of the house.

    You have to keep them in the back yards.

    Come winter, you appreciate the up side.

    This street gets pretty quick attention from the road crews.

    And lots of it.

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