Building Pyramids

You would be hard pressed to come up with something in the American system that still works for ordinary people, which is one of the reasons why moving out of the country holds more appeal to me all the time.

Ian Welsh points out the road ahead, and concludes:

Which is to say, the problem in the US right now is that virtually nothing of any significance works. Not the military, who with 50% of the world military budget is being fought to a draw by ragtag militias, not the political system, and definitely not the economic system.

Fixing this, fixing America, is a literally monumental task, like building pyramids. It will take a generation, perhaps two, of very committed people.

I fear that those people don’t exist in large enough numbers, at least not in any position of power or able to seize power.

I hope Americans prove me wrong.

2 thoughts on “Building Pyramids

  1. I’ve been thinking this for a LONG time, it is a very attractive prospect. I lived in Texas for a year (1999-2000), came back to PA just in time to have a Texan in the White House (I thought I could outrun them, but NOT!) – the thought became really compelling the longer we had to deal with W and the Republican policies that took us to the brink where we are faced with looking over the edge of a steep precipice…have a friend in Norway doing climate change research and will ask him for help if need be (but it is really hard to get out now, too many arduous tasks to complete to get out now)…

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