Just came back from another session with my massage therapist. Every week, I see noticeable improvement in myself – less pain, more function. Now, it’s accelerating. I can walk down the street at something approaching my normal gait. I can get up from a chair without having to lean on something. My knees actually work!

I’m very grateful I found someone who actually knows what he’s doing. I have to say, I’m pretty disgusted with what mainstream medicine has by way of treating musculoskeletal injuries. (I mean, should I have been the one to explain to doctors that a sprained ankle would also affect the function in my knee and hip?)

4 thoughts on “Looser

  1. It’s pretty bad when actually knowing about muscles, bones, tendons, joints is considered ‘alternative medicine’.

  2. Of course, where I come from something like that would be treated not by a doctor but by a physiotherapist, but it would still be funded by the national health.

  3. Go and get better. Yours is another indicator of the high quality of American medicine. There some good physicians who could have sent you right away to the therapy needed. My ortho guy is in his 30s; so far he he bats 100%; they are all bad. (I have another physician the age my kids. Remember kids are as smart as adult and many time way smarter.)

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