5 thoughts on “Bye, Bayh

  1. That shit head is always smiling because he’s going to lobbyist heaven where St. Daschle will greet him at the ruby-encrusted gold-plated pearly gates.

    That or he’s positioning himself to run in a primary against Obama. Doesn’t seem to care about burning bridges with the local Dem party though, because he’s leaving them in the lurch.

    Next stop, political rehabilitation with his own show on Fox: “Liberal Evan Bayh’s Hilarious Hippy Punching.”

  2. “His retirement is a blow for Senate Democrats who now must legitimately worry about the possibility — although it remains a longshot today — that they will lose control of the Senate in the fall.”

    If this is control, what is anarchy?

  3. Predicted future headline: “Bayh pleads guilty to one misdemeanor charge of multiple felonies. Will serve probation.”

  4. There may be child support larking in his coming, not anymore, election. Look at him, he looks like a high school cheater.

  5. Having moved back to Indiana from New Jersey a few years ago, I’m glad to see him go. It saves me from having to hold my nose and vote for that Blue Dog motherfucker. It’s probably a long shot, but maybe we can get a Democrat in that seat.

    I guess it does mean that Wellpoint will have to go shopping for another Senator.

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