8 thoughts on “Happy Paczki Day!

  1. Dandy — Lent starts tomorrow on Ash Wednesday. Today is the day to pig out on doughnuts and pancakes and stuff. You still have half a day to indulge.

  2. The proper pronunciation is pon-chki (this the plural, a single is a pon-chek). Don’t touch them, it’s 1000 calories each, unless you of the lean race or intend to fast the rest of the day.

  3. Purple Girl, thanks for egging me on to not begin fasting early; I was starting to feel SOOOO guilty if I allowed myself to indulge.

  4. Dandy, even though I’m not keeping a fast for Lent, there some foods I shouldn’t eat and today I indulged a bit. Tomorrow I go back on the food plan.

  5. Egads, what it it?
    It looks like a fat baked potato oozing butter from inside, and covered with sugar icing. Is it eaten only one day a year? (Which reminds me — today is Mardi Gras, right?)

    How does the “n” sound come about, when there’s no n in the spelling?
    Is there a descriptive etymology, or is it just a proper noun?

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