20 Senators Sign Reconciliation Letter

I want to believe this is actually happening, I really do. But we’ve been burned so many times already, I have to wonder: Are they really serious about this, or is this just another show to placate the base? Because if it’s the latter, they’re going to have even angrier Democratic voters on their hands.

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But I do! I do want to believe! Via Plumline:

This is key: Senator Chuck Schumer has just signed the letter calling on Harry Reid to hold a reconciliation vote on the public option.

Schumer just fired off an email to supporters in which he announced that he’s added his name to the letter, which was initially spearheaded by Senator Michael Bennet and three other Senators. He wrote:

I just added my name to their effort to pass a public option through the reconciliation process, and I wanted you to be the first to know.

This is far from a done deal, but it’s an opportunity to break through the obstructionism Republicans have pushed for the past year.

That brings the total number of Senators calling for this vote to 17. But Schumer’s signature is arguably far more important than many of the others.

That’s because Schumer has now become the first member of the Dem Senate leadership to join this effort. As the former head of the DSCC he played a major role in engineering the Dem takeover of the Senate.

Schumer’s voice is highly respected inside the Dem caucus on policy matters. He played a major role in driving support for the public option throughout this process. And, crucially, Dems have trust in his political instincts. So his support implicitly suggests he thinks a reconciliation vote on the public option could also represent good politics.

7 thoughts on “20 Senators Sign Reconciliation Letter

  1. As I told my sister yesterday, 1) It makes me feel like Charlie Brown. 2) It’s pretty pathetic that the promise of 17-19 Senators (out of 59 “Democrats”) supporting a “public option” makes me feel hopeful.

  2. Well, it’s either Lucy and the Football, or making failure to buy junk insurance a Federal crime. Yay!

    But that’s the great thing about [a|the] [strong|robust|triggered]? public [health insurance]? [option|plan]. From a policy perspective, except for the mandate, it’s so vague that it’s just like Obama: A “blank screen” that people can project whatever they want onto.

  3. Q: What do you call 20 senators at the bottom of the sea?
    A: Ah … nevamind. (A good start!)

  4. On Monday, we’re supposed to learn what Obama is willing to take a stand on, fight for. Well, at least he’s putting his bill “on the table.”

    I can’t imagine it won’t be just another way to ensure high profitability for the BHIPs (Big Health Insurance Parasites).

    Prove me wrong, BO!

    Medicare for All…with a robust private option.

  5. Caveat: the WH also says Obama is willing to accept Repub ideas.

    Since the Senate bill is mostly Repub ideas, what’s left for him to compromise on???

  6. Forgot to mention Chuck Schumer’s newfound support for the Public Option–however that may be construed–was attached to a FUNDRAISING LETTER.

    Hey Chuck, howsabout you do something for *me* instead? And don’t even get me started about finance reform. He’s Goldman Sachs’s vanguard for “reforming” financial instruments.

    Peee Yooooh.

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