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Why is this anyone’s business? Seriously, why does Tiger Woods owe anyone an explanation? Yeah, I can see doing it to maintain commercial viability (Nike, etc.) but on the most basic level, why do people feel they’re “owed” something here?

They’re upset because the reality of Tiger Woods doesn’t gel with the happy little fantasy they had in their heads, the one that was crafted and marketed to them.

Doesn’t that make it their problem, and not Tiger’s?

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  1. “They” are actually three different groups–the public, the press, and the rest of the PGA. While the public loves gossip and loves to see a hero brought low with his own hubris (you have to admit it’s a powerful narrative, and one that’s been proved popular over the last couple of thousand years), it’s the press and the PGA that are ready to hang Tiger out to dry. The press has probably known about the seamy underbelly of the PGA forever, and has until now been unable or unwilling to publish stories about it. The PGA cherishes its reputation as the good (read rich white privileged) guys. Golf is all about honor and fair play! The corporate overlords who finance the PGA are all golfers too, and they really don’t like their brands getting besmirched. They might use the press to make this all about Tiger, hoping to salvage the rest of the brands (golfers).

    Also, the other golfers on the PGA tour hate Tiger with the fire of a thousand suns, and always have. They love the money and the fame he’s brought, but for the last fifteen years it’s always constantly every day about TIGER and that gets old for guys who have their own very large egos. He’s brought them down too, and they’re going to get revenge.

  2. Excellent explanation, merciless.
    I’m still indifferent to this tempest in a tee-shot, but now I at least understand the vatious mechanisms involved.

  3. I think the words “high-tech lynching” would be applicable, but since Mr. Woods has always marketed himself as being beyond the category of blackness — a right few African-Americans have claimed, as he’s successfully done — he might not even recognize just how racially-biased this Tour of Atonement will be.

    And, as stated above, he’s made a group of rich white men angry, in the realm where they can still claim privilege that borders on the plantational. Here’s hoping he still has enough money to insulate him from the worst of the backlash.

  4. Oh, Tiger will survive in fine fashion. Why? Because in spite of any backlash he may get from the rich, white guys who run the PGA, they also realize Tiger is a huge financial engine for the game—-and for them. Besides that, there’s no one else around who can continue the drama Tiger brings as he chases the Palmer legacy. Sort of like, you know, chasing Hank Aaron’s home run record in baseball.

  5. dandy, you’re right–IF (and it’s a big if) Tiger comes back and starts winning again. Right now, not so much. He’s lost many sponsors, and the tour itself has lost a bunch of sponsors (not because of the scandal, but because they couldn’t justify the huge expense of a golf tournament to their shareholders in these times).

    If Tiger comes back, he’ll be besiged by a media circus and he’ll be rusty as hell, the other golfers wouldn’t piss on him if he were on fire, and his wife (who’s not a bimbo, but an educated woman of a powerful family) is in a position to take most of his fortune, prenup be damned.

  6. C’mon, Merciless, do you really think the guy is gonna be THAT rusty after, what, three months out? He’s been groomed for his greatness since he was born, for God’s sake! Hell, when he was out for most of last year with a bum knee he came back beautifully, taking a couple of tournaments like he hadn’t missed a day. And the other point you make about Elin is this: she could’ve walked by now, taking whatever she wanted from Tiger, but she hasn’t, and IMO, won’t. She ain’t crazy because she full well understands that Tiger IS the greatest golfer in the world and to leave now would be a HUGE mistake! He’ll be back with her full support. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT.

  7. And one other thing, Merciless. If Elin rides out on Tiger, hell, I’d ride in…………………(if I liked men)……….with all the cash the man has, who wouldn’t?

  8. You could be right, dandy; maude knows I have no inside information. But my reading of the funny papers is that Elin has walked; certainly she wasn’t at the mea culpa this morning. Last I heard, she’s moved back to Sweden with the kids.

    And yes, Tiger is the best golfer in the world. He could get right back on that horse and show us all. Certainly the PGA would be happy if he did so. But yes, I do think he’s rusty, I think his head is in a weird place, and I think it would take him some time to get his golf legs back.

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