President Newt

Charles Pierce is just as thrilled to read the praises of Newt Gingrich as I am…

I think that the Parson Meacham over at Newsweek may have set the Sucking Up To Vicious Idiots bar so high that in response, Time may blow out an ACL trying to get over it. How else to explain publishing, this brimming swine-trough of lies, phony history, pious nonsense, and disingenuous twaddle promoted by the single most duplicitous piece of pond-scum ever to be burped up along the Potomac? Newt Gingrich on the blessings of bipartisanship? Why not Newt Gingrich on how to support your wives in time of illness? There has to have been someone in the upper echelons of Time who said, “Look, folks, before we all go get lunch at 21, how’s about we talk again about printing something that is the exact equivalent of publishing a treatise on thoracic surgery written by Charlie Manson?”

Was everybody there drunk? Stoned? Out of town early for the weekend?

The persistence of the notion of Newt Gingrich, Political Genius, or of Newt Gingrich, Transformational Figure—or, in fact, any notion save that of Newt Gingrich, Opportunistic Hack–is going to puzzle scholars for centuries. Anyway, here’s a little something from last week, proving that he’s still a blight and that Time needs editors who aren’t so easily conned out of their money.

4 thoughts on “President Newt

  1. I’m sure the toad saw Chimpy get appointed and figured “if he can…”
    That was then, and this is now, and it’s a lot different “now.” I do hope he sticks around and continues to criticize his fellow Rushpubliscum brethren, however.

  2. Newt will way anything, anywhere — and he’s great filler with a fliip of controversy for any talk show host. So, of course, once the Dems are being pilloried again in the MCM, it’s time to trot out Newt. They figure no one remembers things from a month ago, much less a decade, rihg?

  3. Obama is a progressive, the bankrupt Goldman run the government, the failing Republicans are surging, the Democratic majority plays defense and Newt is a genius. After all we do live in the twilight soon.

    Surprised? Why?

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