Why Oh Why

Can’t we have a better press corpse?

Athenae’s right, as usual. And frankly, the whole thing makes me sick. Because as nauseating as the whole thing is, the double standard is even worse.

There is an anonymously sourced but on the record story out there (I can’t even get into my old archives or I’d dig it out for you) in which Newt Gingrich – the darling of network news shows – was allegedly getting a BJ from a staffer in the front seat of his car, in daylight, while waiting to pick up his kid from school. During the Clinton impeachment trial.

The timing seems to indicate that the staffer was his most recent (and suddenly quite Catholic) wife.

Did you ever read it on the front page? Heard about it on the talk shows? Nope. Wonder why? This is what a well-trained corporate news editor would call it: “Old news, let’s move on.”

But I thought it was a character issue. I know because the teevee told me so! And yet, contrary to the indoctrination, I really and truly don’t care what two consenting adults do with each other’s genitalia. In fact, I can think of few things more deserving of privacy.

I don’t care that John Edwards cheated on his wife; it’s between him and his wife. Bill Clinton, too. I liked their ideas. When I go into the voting booth, I’m not voting for priest or pope, I’m voting to support a specific set of policies. If I get to feel good about the person for whom I pull the lever, or even inspired, well, that’s gravy.

But the circus goes on.

2 thoughts on “Why Oh Why

  1. I’m with Susie. I really don’t give a damn who does what with whomever. I get pissed about what someone does TO America. I really can’t stomach Repukes (and I was raised a Republican) anymore. They simply have not one idea that benefits anyone other than themselves. They hate America and all that it stands for. America tortures thanks to Rethugs, America spies on its citizens thanks to Rethugs, anyone not making millions a year isn’t deemed worthy of life or liberty thanks to Rethugs. And their number one enabler has been in their single minded pursuit of this country’s destruction, has been the media, all media, not just Faux News. My hope, based on the decline in ‘Old Media’ readership/viewers is that American have twigged to corporate medias betrayal.

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