Complete Waste of Time

The thing I don’t really get about the liberal blogosphere is the amount of time they spend painstakingly rebutting Republican allegations.

Think back: When was the last time the Republicans made an outrageous accusation about Democrats that was actually true?

Tap tap tap….

Still waiting….

Yeah, I couldn’t think of one, either.

Nothing you or I say or do or prove will have any impact whatsoever on the people who are predisposed to believe them. (With the very occasional exception of the media.)

The problem we have is, there’s a large segment of underinformed voters who simply won’t – or can’t – take the time to inform themselves. I think those people are the ones largely swayed by those chain emails – you know, the ones sent by your wingnut relatives about how much more money Michelle Obama spends on her staff than Laura Bush, or that Obama was making the post office put Muslim symbols on stamps? That sort of thing. The ones where they take a tiny grain of fact and simply make shit up to surround it.

And I kind of think that’s what we all should start doing. Whatever outrageous things we can say about Republicans (you know, even more outrageous than the things they actually do?), we need to get out as viral emails.


“Did you know that….

“Republican Sen. Jim Bunning says people on unemployment are too lazy to work, and suggests that medical science use them for guinea pigs?”

“The Texas Republican legislature recently passed a bill that will allow stoning to death any pregnant unmarried women?”

“The NRA lobby is gathering support for a bill that will actually tax people who can’t afford to own a gun?”

“The Republicans have almost enough votes to change the tax laws so that only families making less than $100,000 a year will have to pay taxes?”

“Newt Gingrich tells friends he plans to run for President, and one of the first things he will do is institute a mandatory draft, including young women?”

“I don’t support any of those things. Do you?”

4 thoughts on “Complete Waste of Time

  1. Great idea. I’m sending your idea out to all of my friends in a blast e-mail, and asking them to blast their friends, and their friends, etc.

  2. That was brilliant, I love the way you just nail the wignut attack machine with all the hyperbole and fear mongering. And now I will finally get off my ass and send you another donation.

  3. Fuck making shit up. You could just email that article from C&L that you wrote! about Republicans obstructing judicial appointments for no reason.
    Don’t lie. Mass-mail everyone the truth.

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