4 thoughts on “The ‘Good’ War

  1. We should realize that war is hell. Going to war means that civilians will die, it means that somebody will butcher women and kids. When in war expect the non-expectable. This is true whether it is the US, Russian, Holland or Israel.

    The fact that we accept way too easily a war, but don’t except it’s reality is perfect denial.

  2. I’m well aware of what war entails, which is why I oppose them under anything but the most extreme circumstances.

  3. It isn’t that far off from what we do to our own children now. Someday some twelve-year-old who wrote on her desk will be tasered, and have one of those fits, and die. Then maybe we will see what we’ve become.

  4. Just an aside:
    Did I read correctly. Seymour Hersh was born in Chicago, Il. He’s not a Brit.

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