10 thoughts on “Arghh

  1. NO, I set mine ahead half an hour four years ago. I didn’tmatter to me if I was early or late anyway, the important thing being I was there.

  2. How could I everyone seemed to want to remind me. My son, my friend, even the cashier at the checkout. But I fooled them I reset them all. All except my alarm.

  3. My cable box has a clock — Time Warner nicely sends a pulse that changes it for me. Then I change all my other clocks to match that one. The system works for me. And I still haven’t change one or two clocks.

  4. Oy, spring and fall clock changing!

    I changed bedroom clocks* first, then kitchen, still have office/dining room area, bathroom, patio (if it isn’t blown down and smashed to pieces from the storm), basement, and new itsy-bitsy kitchen TV (have to find manual, not intuitive at all).

    I have to use more than one alarm, more than one clock due to my thyroid meds; still have fatigue issues and can sleep right through alarms (that’s two clocks), plus I take the synthetic thyroid at 3:30AM so I can eat dairy products for breakfast, plus I don’t get as many heavy heart palps when I lie down to go to sleep (that’s the second alarm on my two alarm bedside clock).

    Gotta whole lotta clocks!

    Haven’t even begun the watches….

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