Dept. of Empty Threats

Damn, they’re so good at the cognitive dissonance, they can’t even tell when they sound like clowns. Gee, I wonder what a Congress where they were less cooperative would look like – Dresden?

At the same time, passing it has its risks too. While a bill-signing ceremony in the Rose Garden would provide at least a short-term boost to a beleaguered president, Republicans have made clear that the legislative procedure Democrats are using to avoid another filibuster would so anger them that they would not cooperate on other major initiatives this year.

“If they jam through health care,” said Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, then Democrats will have “poisoned the well” on other issues. He was interviewed Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.”

An immigration proposal he has been working on with Senator Charles Schumer, Democrat of New York, would likely fall victim to the worsened environment, he said.

8 thoughts on “Dept. of Empty Threats

  1. So basically they’d react by forcing Dems to change filibuster rules and govern alone? Awesome! Keep going, repugs, you’re doing great.

  2. I just want to read the dissertation that deals with the GOP fascination with things getting “jammed,” “shoved,” and “forced” down their throats…

    Is this a party-wide thing or is it just a Frank Luntz concern that has spread via talking points or something?

  3. Oooooooooooo. I’m a shakin’ in my boots.
    Lindsey “I loves me some cheap rugs” Graham has presided over the loss of hundreds of thousands of textile jobs in South Carolina during his tenure in the millionaires club for boy-loving men. Since the population of his state represents 1.44 percent of the total U.S. population, I propose that his opinion be given exactly that much weight in any given discussion.
    He’s got nothing. This kind of veiled threat works well against stupid poor people, but there are other states that have a college-educated population larger than that of ALL of South Carolina. Graham needs to come out of his Iraqi-rug-lined throat-jamming closet.

  4. do you think he focus-grouped “jammed down the throat” vs “stuck up the butt”???

  5. Ah. So Lindsey and the Pique Caucus can use health care as an excuse to [continue to] sit on their hands or take their balls and go home, thereby avoiding any distracting involvements with any pesky national legislative activity. heh-heh. Good for them — the Do Nothings.

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