Your Librul Media

Honestly, I don’t know why anyone pays attention to them. And they wonder why we don’t want to pay for news online? The amount of energy that goes into researching and fact-checking the same things that they were, you know, supposed to research and fact-check for us puts the reader in the hole for time vs. money spent.

Yes, the occasional thoughtful and factual piece slips through, but how is the casual reader supposed to know which is which?

3 thoughts on “Your Librul Media

  1. You know, that’s the reason I don’t subscribe to either newspaper, or any newspaper for that matter. They’re all just pushing the same horse shit with different sprinkles. It’s like choosing between Pravda and Izvestia. I like news. I grew up reading the newspaper and drinking coffee. But I have to rely on John Fucking Stewart and Stephen Colbert, who are the only knaves able and allowed to tell the truth in our modern-day Versailles-on-the-Potomac. Them and a handful of bloggers.

    And you know, everybody knows it! It’s written there on the wall: New York Times trades credibility to shave a few points off its bonds in bid to stay above water. Extra Extra! Read all About it! Washington Post Hosts Whorehouse “Salon” for Congressmen and Lobbyists! Editorial Writers, Ten cents for the Dozen!

  2. Who pays attention to them. I haven’t read either rag since the Bush crime family usurped the Presidency with their help. Housing, banksters, health care, environment, media . . . all for shit or corrupt. Can you say, “Republican values?”

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