Remember ‘Up and Down Vote’?

Sure you do! It’s what Republicans insisted every Bush nominee deserved, and the media fell in lockstep behind them. Isn’t it odd, how the rules change for Democrats?

Despite the fact that Democrats hold a substantial majority in the chamber, Republican senators are blocking President Obama’s Executive Branch nominees at a rate never before seen, according to a review of records by People For the American Way.

From 1949 (when Senate rules were changed to provide for cloture on nominations) through 2008, cloture votes have been forced on only 24 executive branch nominations. However, in just the first thirteen months of the Obama administration, there have been nine such cloture votes: Cass Sunstein (OMB), Robert Groves (Census), Harold Koh (State Department), Chris Hill (Ambassador to Iraq), David Hayes (Interior), Ben Bernanke (Federal Reserve), Patricia Smith (Labor), Martha Johnson (General Services Adminstration), and Craig Becker (National Labor Relations Board)

That’s an increase of more than 2000% in the rate of forced cloture votes on nominations-24 nominations on which cloture votes were forced in sixty years compared to 9 in just over 13 months. Republicans are on pace to force 29 cloture votes by the end of Obama’s first term.

An examination of President George W. Bush’s term reveals that the Senate subjected only seven executive nominations to cloture votes for the entire eight years-compared to the nine in just the first thirteen months of the Obama Administration.

Another measure, cloture petitions filed, reveals an even more dramatic increase in the magnitude of the obstruction. Between 1949 and 2008, there were 36 executive nominations on which cloture was filed, while there have been 15 filed since President Obama took office.

Indeed, during all eight years of George Bush’s presidency, there were only 15 nominations on which cloture petitions were filed compared to the same number in just over thirteen months of the Obama Administration. At this rate, President Obama can expect 51 of his first term executive nominees to face cloture petitions.

One thought on “Remember ‘Up and Down Vote’?

  1. Left over lefties (have to come up with a new label, this one is getting) MMoore acolytes, faux progressives (get over it HRC lost!) can only find time to sit on toadstools and carp. Which persons have sent letters regarding: Judicial appointments in their state, how many Democrats know who the nominees are for the courts in their districts? How many have written letters of support to their senators on behalf of the nominees? Congrast th is with the number of right-wing web sites that have posted the names of nominees? How many Republican senators have gotten letters from constituents opposing Obama’s nominees? The answers to these questions will tell you why Obama’s nominees have stalled which is coupled with the ALL ROUND lack of support from the left.

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