No preexisting condition protection for you!

Q First, earlier this week — sorry, I have two questions. First, earlier this week, both Rush Limbaugh and Michael Moore pointed out that the preexisting condition provision of the legislation doesn’t take effect for another four years, and I’m wondering if you could tell us, was that a concession, and if so, who fought for that and what did they — what did you get in return?

MR. GIBBS: There is —

Q For adults, that is.

MR. GIBBS: Right. Well, again, the — as I described earlier and as the President has described, there are certain things that cannot be instituted until you have everyone in the system. Obviously this is a piece of legislation that phases in over the course of many years those changes. And as a result of that phasing in, when that’s done, preexisting conditions for adults will be outlawed. But understand this — when this becomes law, an insurance company will no longer be able to discriminate against a child that has — that they believe or says that has a preexisting condition.

Q That’s on day one.

MR. GIBBS: Right.

Q Children. And so it’s pegged to the mandate then, is that fair to say?


What a shitty, shitty bill. What do Democrats stand for, anyway?

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  1. For the most part, to me at least, they’ve been like mice nibbling at a block of cheese. When the cat attacks (i.e. Republicans and lobbyists) they scurry to their holes fearful for their own safety. Not all are like this of course. Grayson has come forward with a far better solution than keeping the for-profit healthcare insurers in the picture at all – a buy-in to Medicare for everyone. Thusfar, however, cloning him is illegal.

  2. They stand for telling working people to go die. What did you think they stood for?

    The only difference between the Rs and the Ds is that the Rs tell you flat out that’s what they want to happen, and the Ds try to make out like it’s the result of invisible forces they’re powerless to resist.

  3. Yes, lambert, the dishonesty of the Ds is almost harder to take than the crass cruelty of the Rs. I worked so hard to elect them and feel so betrayed.

    But still, I’m grateful to Susie, Glennzilla, and others for removing the scales from my eyes.

  4. My kid has made me watch all the Harry Potter dvds this week (over & over again — she’s hooked).
    I have decided that the two parties, Dem & GOP, are the Death Eaters and the Ministry of Magic, except that they switch off. Whoever is in power becomes the Death Eaters.
    Sadly, there is no Order of the Phoenix, nor any Dumbledore’s Army.

  5. The democrat/republicans and the republican/democrats are the same face of the same coin. The country is an oligarchy. Only the rich own bank stocks, medical corporations, the military industrial complex and the bonds for the money wasted on “defense” since the Soviet Union crashed and burned. Do any of your friends own stocks and bonds. None of mine do.

    I get sick to my stomach when a guy who screwed me over on something 7 to 9 years ago sends me an email saying basically, I know I screwed you over, I was wrong, you were right, it takes a lot of damned nerve to hit you up for a loan. I am working two fast food jobs and have no insurance. My roommates were laid off. We live illegally in a studio apartment with my wife. If I can’t scrape up $100 by Wednesday, we are all on the street. I sent $200.

    This is not my america.

  6. Are you kidding me!? You are all complaining about this bill and say that the Ds want us to die?

    Listen. I am an adult with a PEC (Pre Existing Condition). It sucks, no doubt about it. At least I know kids with the same issues I have no longer have to worry starting TODAY! That is awesome.

    I also know that within 4 years I wont be denied coverage, and I wont be charged premiums higher than anyone else.

    TO ME THAT MEANS THE WORLD. I know that I it doesn’t effect everyone immediately, but it is SOMETHING. That is a lot more than the Rs have done for me (health wise) in the last 8 years they controlled the white house, the first 6 they controlled the congress once Bush was in power.

    Think a little before you talk, forget talking points and half truths. The fact of the matter is in 4 years adults with PECs will have healthcare. That was not the case before this bill. That’s a win in my book.

    The fact fo the matter is TODAY all children with PECs have healthcare. That’s a win in my book.

    The fact of the matter is insurance companies just got 32+ MILLION more customers. That’s a win for them, hands down.

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