Today I dropped my health insurance. Today my unemployment benefits ran out. The two things are, as you might have guessed, related.

I thought the Senate was going to get around to adding another extension, but thanks to various Republican delaying tactics, they haven’t.

And in a perfect storm of circumstance, the brakes on my car are going.

So if you can afford to donate anything, it would be much appreciated.

3 thoughts on “Crossroads

  1. I’m SO sorry to hear that – especially with what you’re going through with your health issues.
    I’m not far behind you in losing UI benefits…..

  2. ‘Health Care” was long gone before the emergency appendectomy last summer, the UI is any day now.

    The silver lining is Dawn and I may get to talk about it on NPR next month… from the homeless camp south of town.

    You say you want a revolution … ?

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