2 thoughts on “Dennis Kuchinich

  1. so baracks need to sell out to corporate interests for the next 3 years might of been comprimised….fuck you dennis, you sold us like so much meat to the Ins co’s and didn’t even bother to try and hold them accountable for ANYTHING.

  2. I ADMIRE what Kucinich did! Are we gonna be the same type of brick-throwers that the other side has demostrated they are, or are we able to come to the table and begin to reason in a common- sense way? Dennis didn’t eat shit—-he labored long and hard about his vote as to what was BEST—-at this time—-for HIS COUNTRY!!!

    NO, it isn’t a perfect bill—-Obama himself has said that—-but, neither were the original Medicare and Medicaid bills. Our foot is in the door, and thank heavens for Rep. like Kucinich who look reasonably at what’s on the table, and the consequeces of putting it there!

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