Remember that piece David Frum wrote about Republican extremists killing the GOP just last week?

He just got the axe from the American Enterprise Institute. I thought those were lifetime appointments!

This sheds some light. Bruce Barlett, via the Washington Monthly:

Since, [Frum] is no longer affiliated with AEI, I feel free to say publicly something he told me in private a few months ago. He asked if I had noticed any comments by AEI “scholars” on the subject of health care reform. I said no and he said that was because they had been ordered not to speak to the media because they agreed with too much of what Obama was trying to do.

It saddened me to hear this. I have always hoped that my experience was unique. But now I see that I was just the first to suffer from a closing of the conservative mind. Rigid conformity is being enforced, no dissent is allowed, and the conservative brain will slowly shrivel into dementia if it hasn’t already.

Sadly, there is no place for David and me to go.

4 thoughts on “Payback

  1. yeah, i heard that hewitt idiot talking about Frum yesterday. Seems he’s been persona non grata ever since that article he published. they kept calling him “Little David”, and they were projecting their anger over health insurance reform on him…

  2. “and the conservative brain will slowly shrivel into dementia”

    So when did you have your last checkup, Sen. McCranky????

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