5 thoughts on “Power Struggle

  1. wow, started reading it and what a hilariously sad “organization” (i use the term loosely) the Progressive caucus is.

    Ok, they give the blue dogs upwards of $3 million bucks, and the blue dogs give them $600K: how long has that been going on? why hasn’t the “progressive’ “caucus” cut back accordingly?

    Oh, and THIS is rich:

    He’ll have company. Organized labor, MoveOn.org and progressive members of Congress are increasingly breaking from the orbit of the White House and the Democratic establishment, beginning to take on the administration, build an independent infrastructure and back progressive primary challengers. Unions are working to groom progressive candidates in small, local races and, inside Congress, the progressive caucus — after years of being treated like the stepchild of the House — has the potential leadership and organizing vision in place to be ready the next time the nation clamors for a step forward and, in the meantime, to finish what was started on March 21, 2010.

    pardon me but BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!?!?! Are they SERIOUS? These are the same clowns that drew a line in the sand on the public option and then caved; after that, they pre-emptively caved on cilmate change legislation, as dailykos front-paged yesterday. Who the fuck is going to take them seriously NOW?

    Not me, that’s for sure.

    one thing is true though: lynn woolsey has to go. and this article cements that for me. sorry for comment hijacking with such a long comment.

  2. Yeah, like the climate change deniers, Peak Oil deniers, etc. “let’s just keep doing what we’re doing until we can’t ” (or “there’s a problem,” by which time it’s impossible to do anything about it). Humanity is not a very intelligent species as a whole and we’ll be pared down because we only deal with conditions as they are. So just keep your “head in the sand”, everyone, and enjoy the band while the Titanic sinks beneath the waves.

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