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  1. His financing plan sounds like a scam to discourage states from seeking funding (and to encourage cronies that are in the loop). Arne Duncan doesn’t even have a real education background–he just loves money-making machines like charter schools that drain money from the public schools into the pockets of private companies.

  2. As a former educator who esposed the charter school model in its infancy, I have yet to see any real reason to go back to old model—not yet, anyway. Our public schools are, indeed, in such a mess that most any NEW approach is worth the effort. The Obama/Duncan corporatist method may NOT be the ultimate solution, but it’s a start perhaps toward something that surely will require some tinkering with towards a more perfect system. Meanwhile, I’m willing to wait and see the results. Anything that works towards a better educated population 5-10-20- years from now would be better than what we currently have.

  3. As a speech language pathologist, I see lots of schools staffed with skilled, dedicated teachers who are undermined by over-crowded classrooms, a lack of text books and insufficient supplies, and indifferent administrators. Rather than draining resources from the schools and then calling them a mess, how about providing capable oversight and a decent level of funding?

  4. lbd, your line about Duncan fits Obama just as easily:

    …he just loves money-making machines like Big Health Industry Players that drain money from the public into the pockets of private companies.

    It’s the Corporatism now rampant in the Dem Party (trying to catch up to the Repub Party’s standard of obeisance to the Big Corporations).

  5. I’d be happy to see RANDOM audits of schools. A lot of administrators are misusing funds – which is why teachers don’t have supplies or textbooks.

  6. Even Michelle Rhee, DC’s role model for the sporty Duncan, has finally agrees on a contract with the teachers union. She realized that her scummy ways lead nowhere. When Arne get there?

    Do we have a liberal lawyer who play basketball with Bama? May this way we will get anothe liberal into the supreme court.

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