5 thoughts on “Signs of the Apocalypse

  1. She’s been on fire lately.

    It’s personal. And it’s like we’re witnessing her having a long-overdue epiphany.

  2. You should do what a German lefty, Karl
    , in the German parliament around 1918 did when the right wing was clapping in agreement during his speech. “Whatever I said, erase it from the record, I didn’t mean it.” Whatever Dowd says, be against it!

  3. At least she’s finally coming to realize that women are treated as mere appendages by male dominated societies. It will be interesting if she retreats into her enabling the Republicans.

  4. No, MoDo is still full of shit. I realized the catlick church hated women after my first religious destruction classes when I was 6, and I only went through the whole crap after making a deal with my mother. She (a wise woman who sought out a Jewish OB during her pregnancies for her own safety) said put up with them through confirmation so if you want to be married in a catlick church, you can. Then blow ’em off.

  5. OK, so a stopped clock is right twice a day.

    I think this scandal is a good thing, pointing out how thoroughly corrupt the church hierarchy is, and how inept it is at self-regulation. Ratzinger should set a noble precedent and contritely step down. If he were morally infallible, he would.

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