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This man’s other son served in Special Forces, so he’s even more upset:

Elizabeth City, N.C. – Police say six Army Special Forces solders beat up a man at a topless bar in Elizabeth City, sending him to the emergency room with a fractured skull.

Travis Howard never expected to be in the emergency room after a night out on the town with his son Devan.

They were celebrating Devan’s 21st birthday at Headlights topless bar in Elizabeth City early Wednesday morning.

Travis says he was sitting alone at a table when out of nowhere, some soldiers in the Special Forces command out of Fort Bragg attacked him, fracturing his skull in four places

“I can remember feeling 2 punches but then my eyes were swelling shut … I don’t remember actually seeing a whole lot after that. I went to the ground with my hands to my face and had my hands covering my face and was trying to protect what I had left.”

Six soldiers are charged with assault causing serious injury. A spokesman for the Army Special Forces Command out of Fort Bragg says they had just completed training at Blackwater, also known as Xe in Moyock. One of the soldier’s stories is that Howard said something to them in the bathroom. Howard denies this.

“I don’t even know that anything that could be spoken out of one person’s mouth in a limited amount of time would warrant them getting beat to the sense of 4 or 5 skull fractures just because of something that would have come out of their mouth.”

Howard also says he suffered a broken nose, sprained neck, and a concussion. After the fight broke out, police say the soldiers left the club.

Ah yes, Blackwater. The outsourcer of choice for torture.

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